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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A little update on me!

It have been sometimes since I join this new company. Well so far so good !! and good news I even close sales!! yup which I always tell my hubby that I cannot do. I cannot do sale I am not good at it and I have no experience before. But now I have done it !!! yippee is not direct sales no worries .. is just that I am now working in a developer office so my meaning for "close sales" meaning I have convince a buyer to buy a property from me ... hahahaha I know I know I sound like crazy !! but I am just too happy !! so since I am away how is everyone .. though I din get to update my blog as often as last time but I did blog hopping.. so I still read all your blogs yeah

Well as for me .. I am still the same .. but still working hard to lose those pounds !! and just last Saturday I has attended my best friends wedding dinner yup is chinyee I am so happy for her, she look so pretty and happy ..and on Sunday I manage to go over her house to see her "chut moon" right before I head off to work!! pretty close leh ..Congratulations again so now I will wait patiently for you to buy me "red eggs" hehehe

ok a little update about my darlings..

Baby Janelle become Princess Janelle

Yes no more baby Janelle now .. is Princess Janelle .. yeah she is already 13 months old already .. times does flies .. I still remember very clearly when I am on my maternity leave it feels like yesterday only happen. She is now learning to walk .. very naughty indeed. Like to disturb her sister when doing homework. Love to smile and laugh at lot !!

Princess Jasmine

She is as active as ever. She is much more obedient now compare last time. At least she listen when we talk to her. Love to do art allot .. especially drawing and coloring with water color. and she did it very well !! I am so proud of her ..

Dear hubby

Dear hubby is as busy as ever .. busy running around and handling over all the jobs in hand to another colleague as dear hubby will join a new company hoping for a better future and hopefully we can move in to our new house SOON !! Good luck dear .. no worries I will always support you just as you have been supporting me all this while .. I Love You :)

Till then everyone good day .. oh yeah Happy Mid-Autumn Festival