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Friday, November 24, 2006

A Surprise Celebration by my Colleagues November 15, 2006

My colleagues have plan a surprise birthday celebration for me in office today. Well actually our office is doing renovation and is very very messy. I wanna express my deepest gratitute for giving me a chance to learn and thank you for guiding me and please forgive me, if i had said something or my actions somehow hurt u guys. Thank you so much everyone ... Now lets the picture do the talking yeah ....

A lovely and pretty birthday cake for me !!

Thank You everyone !!!

Messy issitnit ...

Dinner with Meiyen and Bob at Jack's Place @ Sunway Pyramid Saturday November 11, 2006

Meiyen and her beloved Bob
A big thank you and *HUGZ* to my beloved Meiyen and Bob for treating me and my family in Jack's Place for my birthday. She is such a sweetie pie. This best friend of mine is such a darling and very very precious to me. As she is my BESTEST friend … wanna know more about us then read this “A Little Tale About Meiyen and YeeTyng” Something for you my darling …

Friends do things for one another
They understand
They go a million miles out of their way
They hold your hand
They bring you smiles
When a smile is exactly what you needed.

They listen and they hear
What is said in the spaces between the words
They care and they let you know
You're in their prayers.

Friends always know the perfect thing to do
They can make your whole day
Just by saying something that no one else could have said.

Sometimes we feel like just the two of us
Share a secret language that others can't tune in to.

A friend can guide you, inspire you, comfort you, or light up your life with laughter.
A friend understands your moods and nurtures your needs.
A friend lovingly knows just what you're after.

When your feelings come from deep inside and they need to be spoken to someone
you don't have to hide from, you share them with a friend.

When good news comes a friend is the first one you turn to
When feelings overflow and tears need to fall friends help you through it all.

Friends bring sunlight into your life
They warm your life with their presence
whether they are far away or close by your side.

A friend is a gift that brings happiness
and a treasure that money can't buy.

And this special person is You. My dear friend, no one could replace u in my heart. U will always have a special place in me. I wish you and your family best of health, may all your dreams come true …and I thank God for sending you to me … :D

Lunch with Tiffany @ Genki Sushi 1Utama on Saturday November 11, 2006

Today was a very happy and excited day, as I will be having lunch with Tiffany. I knew Tiffany from Meiyen and Meiyen got to know Tiffany from friendster. Well, Meiyen introduce Tiffany to me as we are both pregnant and will due on the same month. So she thought we might share our views, comments and experiences.

We have been chatting online thru msn, telling each other our daily life incidents. Sharing my experiences with her, as this is her first pregnancy. Both of us are excited on meeting each other. We describe our feeling as our first date. Tiffany purposely gets her hair blow and I carefully pick a nice outfit just to meet her.

When I first see her, my first thought was “WOW” she is so thin even though she just give birth” .. my oh my when I look at myself .. I feel rather embarrassed. We give each other a big warm hug … So this is the lady that I have shared my experiences with, during my pregnancy, during my confinement month and now my daily life.

At first we thought of trying Shogun, but then Tiffany suggest we go Genki Sushi as she say she could not finish so much food at 1 time and another reason was we are on diet. Kekeke. So we had our lunch in Genki Sushi. I was very happy to see Tiffany. She comes all the way from Kuantan with her hubby. And we take this opportunity to meet up. Tiff something for u …

A friend is a friend forever.
They'll ignite a flame of love
And set your heart aglow,
And light up your life
From your head down to your toe.

A faithful friend is always there
To lend a helping hand.
They'll be there to defend your honor
And take a firm or gentle stand.

When you least expect it,
They may drop in to say,
"Hello, how have you been?
I love you with all my heart,
My true and special friend."

A friend will add beauty to your life,
Like a sweet scented flower.
A good conversation may last into the night
Or for many, many, hours.

They will take time to stop and listen,
When your life is in doubt.
That's what a good friend's love is all about.
A hug, a smile, a tear, or a gentle touch.

These are the things a
forever friend will say and do...
For, they love you forever
and always, so very very much.

Thank You for Being yourself … thank you my dear friend …

Monday, November 20, 2006

On Blog Break

Hello everyone i will be MIA for some time as i am busy tidying up da office, will be back soonest possible yeah !!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Confinement Month

I am thankful for having my MIL to cook for me during this month and look after Princess Janelle. Despite feeling thankful I also pity my MIL as she has to look after my FIL and Princess Janelle and in the mean time to cook for me.

Since this is my 2nd princess, so this will be my 2nd confinement. I can’t really remember much during my last time confinement month. So now I want to keep a note on this time. Both princesses are on breast feed exclusively during my confinement month.

Benefits of Breastfeeding To The Baby
1. Provide perfect nutrition, which constantly changes according to the babies need.
2. Contains protein, fat and Omega 3 fatty acids in the most digestible form, to ensure optimal physical and mental growth.
3. Develops the brain and nervous system and enhances IQ levels.
4. Protects baby against infection and illness like gastrointestinal (relating to the stomach and intestines) disturbances, respiratory problems and ear infection as it contains live cells and antibodies.
5. Lower the risk of juvenile diabetes and cancer.
6. Provides protection from allergic diseases.
7. Reduces the risk of Necrotising Enterocolitis (inflammation of the small intestine and the colon) in premature babies.
8. Reduce Dental cries, mal-occlusion (Faulty contact between the upper and lower teeth when the jaw is closed), speech defects and enhances jaw development.
9. Reduce the risk of heart disease in later life.
10. Reduces the risk of SID (Sudden Infant Death) syndrome.
11. Promotes mother and child bonding.

(I don’t know got so much benefit, I only know that is perfect nutrition and antibodies for baby and there is a special bond between baby and mummy. Hahaha)

Benefits of Breastfeeding To The Mummy
1. Protection against breast and ovarian cancer.
2. Help lose those extra pounds and makes abdomen flatter because the hormone oxytocin (A short polypeptide hormone that is released from the posterior lobe of the pituitary gland and stimulates the contraction of smooth muscle of the uterus during labor and facilitates release of milk from the breast during nursing) helps involution of the uterus.
3. Physical recuperation from child birth is faster.
4. Saves times and money. There is no need to prepare feeds or sterilize bottles.
5. Likelihood or osteoporosis and heart disease is reduced.
6. Breastfeeding fully on demand gives a sense of achievement to the mother as it is fulfilling and enjoyable.

(Well I also only know bout Physical recuperation from child birth is faster and saves times and money. hehehe)

My daily routine & menu;

9.00am - Milo and 2 half boiled eggs
Back to sleep after Breakfast (too sleepy)
12.00pm - Lunch (Sweat like nobody business)
a) Fried ginger rice with chicken/pork cook in wine
b) “Min Sin” cook in wine with chicken/pork
Sit awhile then back to sleep (drowsy maybe of the wine :p)
4.00pm - Milo and biscuit
Bath with ginger water or “dai fong ngai” but cannot wash hair until 30days (but I already wash on the 12th days surprisingly I can “tahan” not to wash hair for 30days during my 1st confinement) Yup Salute Me !!
6.00pm - Dinner (Sweat like nobody business)
a) Rice with chicken/pork cook in wine and vegetable
b) Rice with steam ginger fish and vegetable (can only eat fish after 12days)
c) Rice with steam “kei chi tong kwai” chicken
d) Rice with “char siu” and vegetable
e) Rice with steam ginger chicken (lotsa of GINGER)
Watch TV for awhile then back to sleep
9.00pm - Chicken Soup “den tong”
Watch movie then sleep

I find myself adjusting from daily life style to confinement pretty good. Maybe this is my 2nd confinement. I never like ginger but then now have take lots of ginger and is on DAILY basis gosh *faint*

Frankly speaking my mind is like reformat, cause I cant recall anything on how to look after a baby :s as Princess Jasmine is already 4 years old. I am so clumsy with Janelle. Luckily mummy and my MIL are around to help me. During my stay in hospital, I rest while I can and only up when Janelle’s feeding time. Other than that I will be sleeping all the time. While I am in hospital, I was treated with Ray Lamps. This is to dry up the wound and heal faster. It is kind of warm and quite comfortable also.

I have nearly forgotten about the pantang-larang during confinement month until I come across ShoppingMum - Tell Me Why

1. Uterus “drop”. My mummy and MIL say I must not walk around and have to lie down most of da time. Sit up only for feeding baby and taking meals. Say the uterus will “drop” wo. But then lie down too much my backache wan le :s
2. Bathing. Bout bathing, I can only bath ONCE a day (I usually bath twice daily, morning and night) and bath will the ginger water or “dai fong ngai” Anyway I did bath with clear water after bathing the ginger water or “dai fong ngai” Cause I am solely on breastfeeding ma then must be clean clean wan ..
3. Washing hair. I am not allowed to wash hair for 30 days.
But I have washed my hair on the 2nd weeks already kekeke ….(shshsh ….)
4. No fan. I am not allowed to turn on then fan. Afraid that I might “zhui dou fung”. But mummy say can on air-cond hahahaha.
Never listen also coz I have been sweating like NO BODY BUSINESS …
5. Red dates water. I drink red dates water and also plain water.
Too thirsty leh … how to “tahan”

I was allowed to end my confinement earlier because hubby is going to have Full Moon Party for Janelle. So I am FREE kekeke … finally … I am “fong kam” jor kakaka …