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Wednesday, September 24, 2008


It have been more than half a year since my last post .. time does flies .. though .. and now is already towards the end of september. Do you all know how i miss blog hopping like last time and chat online .. sigh .. miss those days very much .. now i can only access to internet during midnight. Provided that the following chores is done;
1. Clothes is put in to washing machine
2. Pack Jasmine's school bag
3. Prepare water tumbler for Jasmine, Daddy and myself
4. Tuck Jasmine and Janelle to sleep
5. When daddy is asleep

Infact, when my 3 darlings is asleep!! which is MIDNIGHT then only i can claim is ME ME ME time >.<"

Little Update on My Family

My dear hubby
He is doing fine with his job and he have found his new hobby. Our new home!! yeah every weekend also he will do house work. He say he love to do it. He would clean the car porch area, water the plant, fix whatever that need to be fix as he believe DIY, and the 2nd hobby is GOLF yeah he is planning to continue his golf after he have stop for more than 2 years (due to my FIL sickness, he have stop playing golf).

I am fine and is supa tired all the time. Seriously i need a very good time management. I wonder how some corporate lady they can juggle between work and family. By the time i reach home i need to do some house chores and then after dinner (i am lucky that i dont have to cook and my MIL will cook) i would sit down with Jasmine to supervise her homework and spelling. Then is time for tuck my 2 ladies to sleep. Now this is the worst part. They would be screaming, running and telling me all types of excuses .. I need to go Shshsh .. i need to drink some water .. i this .. i that ... is really testing my patience every night. Whatever it is .. they are still my 2 lovely girls ..

My 2 girls
Jasmine and Janelle is the usual ones .. NAUGHTY but ADORABLE .. hahaha

P/s : ok la i gtg liao need my supa beauty sleep .. will try to update more often ..

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year EVERYONE!!!

Hello everyone ..
First of all, my apollogy to everyone for MIA .. been too tied up with work leh ..
Secondly, here would like to wish you all a Happy New Year !! wishing everyone
"Sai Tai Kin Hong" = Healthy Always
"Sam Siong Si Seng" = Dream/Wishes come true
"Pou Pou Kol Sing" = Step Step Higher (hahaha i dunno how to translate this anyone can help?)
and the list go on and on hehehehe
Infact I was away for a company trip, yup and is going to Vietnam. Is really a new experience for me as this is my first time going out without the presence of my hubby and my family member and of coz my dearest friends. All is my new colleagues and they are COOL!!! they work hard and play hard !!! hehehe
What i had encounter during the trip is totally new and i am happy to be part of the company and the trip!! Been doing the journal for the trip and still doing it as i had lots to write in and it definetely take up lots of time !!
Oh yeah on the 28 December 2007, I had attend Erica's Wedding Dinner and here I wish Erica and Allen Congratulation and Happy Always. And from this wedding dinner i get to know my another girl friend is getting married too !! and is on February this year .. gosh i feel so happy for them and end of the year will be my bestie big day, cant wait for it !!!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Too much to say but too little time

Hhmm .. i have too much to say but too little time .. i am still doing it hehe no worries la now arranging the pictures and will put it up when i am done with it .. but now sneak preview first la yeah

Princess Jasmine and dear hubby having a great time singing duet during my daddy's 50th birthday recently :D

Princess Janelle :D

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A little update on me!

It have been sometimes since I join this new company. Well so far so good !! and good news I even close sales!! yup which I always tell my hubby that I cannot do. I cannot do sale I am not good at it and I have no experience before. But now I have done it !!! yippee is not direct sales no worries .. is just that I am now working in a developer office so my meaning for "close sales" meaning I have convince a buyer to buy a property from me ... hahahaha I know I know I sound like crazy !! but I am just too happy !! so since I am away how is everyone .. though I din get to update my blog as often as last time but I did blog hopping.. so I still read all your blogs yeah

Well as for me .. I am still the same .. but still working hard to lose those pounds !! and just last Saturday I has attended my best friends wedding dinner yup is chinyee I am so happy for her, she look so pretty and happy ..and on Sunday I manage to go over her house to see her "chut moon" right before I head off to work!! pretty close leh ..Congratulations again so now I will wait patiently for you to buy me "red eggs" hehehe

ok a little update about my darlings..

Baby Janelle become Princess Janelle

Yes no more baby Janelle now .. is Princess Janelle .. yeah she is already 13 months old already .. times does flies .. I still remember very clearly when I am on my maternity leave it feels like yesterday only happen. She is now learning to walk .. very naughty indeed. Like to disturb her sister when doing homework. Love to smile and laugh at lot !!

Princess Jasmine

She is as active as ever. She is much more obedient now compare last time. At least she listen when we talk to her. Love to do art allot .. especially drawing and coloring with water color. and she did it very well !! I am so proud of her ..

Dear hubby

Dear hubby is as busy as ever .. busy running around and handling over all the jobs in hand to another colleague as dear hubby will join a new company hoping for a better future and hopefully we can move in to our new house SOON !! Good luck dear .. no worries I will always support you just as you have been supporting me all this while .. I Love You :)

Till then everyone good day .. oh yeah Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

Saturday, July 28, 2007

I miss U ALL !!

I miss the internet. It have been a more than a week since my last access to the internet and frankly speaking I miss the internet so much. I wanted so much to blog about my days but once I got home I need to attend my 2 girls and dear hubby. By the time they are asleep I already ½ dead. Too tired to even start-up a laptop and dial up some more sigh .. yup no streamyx at home got to use dial up. I wanted so much to scrapbooking .. to blog hop but I am just too TIRED

My last day with my ex-company is on Tuesday (03.07.07) and my job start the very next day. When I got my schedule for the new company I nearly *fainted* why ?? coz I am require to work on weekends !! tears about to roll down *uhuk uhuk* and is for the whole of July *sobz sobz*

Wednesday July 04, 2007
First day was nervous and abit dizzy coz whole day been digesting the *information*, driving back that time nearly fainted but then the colleague is kind, helpful and friendly they assist me whenever they can.

Thursday July 05, 2007
2nd day .. still adjusting myself to the new routine. Wake up an hour earlier nowadays. After preparing Jasmine to school, i will be going off to work already.

Friday July 06, 2007
TGIF .. nah .. this weekend is working *fainted*
Tonight will be the company once a month company get together, but too bad i wont be attending it as i have an appointment. So i go off when the party just started and heard my colleague the party ended quite late bout midnight. whoa ..

Saturday July 07, 2007
Some VIP coming over to visit our company and site office. So in formal even though is saturday. But it is still an opener to me on how my company entertained the VIP really treat them like royalties

Sunday July 08, 2007
Working day also and today will be on site office. and once i reach home quickly get prepared as tonight we are going out for dinner to celebrate Jasmine's birthday. yeah she is already 5 years old. Very naughty indeed. We had our dinner with my parents and sisters at D'Fortune in Menjalara. The dinner was great and we had a great time. And by the time we reach .. is already 10pm gosh .. time does flies yeah .. and tomolo is MONDAY already.

Monday July 09, 2007
Gosh is MONDAY again .. sigh is a working day again .. I have been working since last monday to this monday and tomolo is a working also and my off day is on wednesday so i am working 9 days straight!!

Tuesday July 10, 2007
Work Work More Work. Had swimming session with yuki in the evening.

Wednesday July 11, 2007
Today is my off day .. yippeee
So after sending Jasmine to school. I went back to sleep .. and by the time i wake up is already NOON time .. gosh .. quickly wash up and get ready as i have an appointment with Christine for my *much needed urut (massage) session*

Got home and go groceries shopping with my MIL and Janelle. Later at night go pasar malam. oh wat a day ..

Thursday July 12, 2007
After the off day .. and went back to work .. wow feel so much refresh and energetic.

Friday July 13, 2007
Is friday again .. there goes 1 week with the company. Still new but started to join in the crowd and works. So far so good just hope everything will be good also .. tonight i got online yeah using dial up and the connection really make me wanna DIE .. it take so long just to load a page. Yeah home no streamyx yet so have to bear with the dial up connection. Just manage to check/reply mails and blog hop awhile as i am too sleepy and tired. And by the time i am done it is already pass midnight. Yawn .. it is a tiring day .. and dear hubby got back at the right time yeah to pack away the laptop that i just finish using it :P

Saturday July 14, 2007
Work Work More Work

Sunday July 15, 2007
WORK !!!!

Monday July 16, 2007
Monday blues ?!?! nah why coz is my off day hahahahahahahahaha so today my schedule is to tidy my room yeah and my target area is ... the WHOLE room yes as it is just so messy. and after cleaning up tot of going to SS2 pasar malam. hehe but anyway dunno yet la .. still in planing stages. nowadays my weekend is only work work work .. i miss my family so much .. i am very attach with my family actually and every weekend i would go back to my mummy place but nowadays it will be abit difficult for me to go back :( so sad sigh and no more baking session already.

It had been more than a week with the new company. I must i am still new and still learning of coz. Previously i am more in admin rather than sales. But in this new company i am involve more in sales now. Frankly speaking i am very new in sales line.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Transforms & Rollout !!

I was having the "monday blues" the WHOLE DAY .. feeling grumpy, dont ask me why maybe is Monday or it that time of the month -.-" i just hate that feeling .. the whole i was busy pack pack pack .. clean & clear all my stuff .. as Tuesday is my Last Day with the company (@.@)

Ok done with the ranting .. n the exciting part is that we are going for a MOVIE yipppeeee it was like erm .. i cant even remember the last time i got for a movie .. gosh !! N i totally love this movie .. i bet everyone is the same is the TRANSFORMERS .. my favorite childhood cartoon !!! okok is about 5.30 my colleague ask us wanna go for a movie?? Transformers?? dear hubby and myself was like O.o movie ?? then we think think (of coz must think think la .. coz must ask MIL to help out to look after the 2 girls) so done that part already .. quickly rang up Yuki .. and Charlence ask if they are interested or not .. ding dong here and there finally Yuki is on but Charlence is not available tonight ..

So my colleague Dino go to Cineleisure to get the ticket and the show is 7.15 .. so got to finish up my things FAST and get there .. and by the time we arrive is already 6.45 .. phew .. luckily still early .. so waited for Yuki as she come from Shah Alam Hotel and she arrive about 7.00 so we hurried to get ourselves some snack, trip to the loo, and off we go in .. and our seat is fantastic .. just the right time .. by the time we settle in .. the movie just started :D good timing hor ..

And from the start of the movie i already squeezing dear hubby hand .. because i was too excited and too "in to" the movie .. gosh i dunno what talking believe me just grab the ticket and go for it .. its worth it with the sound effect and the action packed scene .. and of coz humour here and there .. is worth it .. "Transforms & Rollout"

Thursday, June 28, 2007

I am Leaving *sob sob*

It has been a while since my last post. Well I have lots to write but I was busy settle my stuff for handover. This is my last week with the company. After 6 years with the company .. I sure “ng seh tak

1st of all is Charlence.

When she comes for an interview, she is a shy little girl and after she joins in the company, and get to know her better actually she is not that SHY/TIMID at all. All the while I treat her like my own sister as she is same age with Evon (my eldest sister) It have been a few years now, being her colleague, and I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to her. If you are reading this I am sure you know what I mean. AND please dun call me “38 Jc” just call me “Leng Mummy” :D

2ndly to Emily

Still remember our trip to Tioman, A’Farmosa, Genting .. and not to forget those crazy drinking session. That’s how our friendship blossom. Thank you for all the guidance through out the years. Thank you for your caring hearts and treat me as part of the family. I apologise should I make any mistake. I had a wonderful time while I am with company and it is time for me to venture the outside world. Time for me to leave my cosy nook.

3rdly to Dino

Going Once Going Twice and SOLD .. and this is Dino my superior. Head of Auction Department. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn from you.

And to Michael

I was shivering with fear when I enter his room but he welcomes me with a broad sunny smile and all the fear just gone .. the 1st interview. That’s how I always remember him. My ex-boss :P

And to EVERYONE in the Co. thank you everyone for guiding me and care for me so much.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

My Father In Law

Last Wednesday was my FIL’s birthday. So we gather around for a small celebration. We bought a small cake and take pictures. You all might think that why not go out dinner or have a big celebration. At 1st we thought so .. but then dear say .. he don’t want FIL to move around so much. Yeah my FIL is bedridden for more than 1 year since early last year. And we just got news from the doctor and are confirm my FIL have Liver Cancer and will only have around 6 months of life span left. This might be the last birthday celebration for him. We didn’t tell FIL about the cancer thing but we just say that there is a tumor in his body and it is not doing good. We ask FIL how he wanna celebrate his birthday. He just say no need to do anything special just each of us cook a dish will do. Wuah once I heard this I got PANIC .. I DON’T KNOW HOW TO COOK !!!!! then I think think .. I cant cook but I can BAKE yes .. so I make Blueberry Cheese Tart and Egg Tart.

So last Sunday we thought of have a small family gathering for a dinner to celebrate Father’s Day. In the afternoon only we got to know that all the uncles and aunties and cousins will be dropping by for dinner also. We bought about 4kg of crabs from the GreenView Restaurant in SS2 .We realise it that it is not enough as we have around 20++ adult for dinners !!!!! yikes !!!!! So dear hubby’s brother goes and buys another 4kg of crabs. But overall the dinner is GOOD .. and FIL like it very much as he like “yit lau

Though I din mention much or talk much about my FIL but I wanna say a big thank you to him for who he is. He is a very good man but his sickness is turning him into a very sick person and relies on medication daily. He have suffer for so many years and early last year we nearly lose him but somehow he is so much better after admitted to the General Hospital and stay there for about a month plus. Thanks to all the doctors and nurses they did a great job. Thank you to my MIL for she has done so much for FIL and family.

A Poem for My Father In Law
When I married I got a new father,
A special father in law;
That made me very happy,
And a little bit in awe.
You're a man who cares,
With an understanding heart.
You're also filled with wisdom;
No wonder my spouse is smart!
Thanks for being so cordial;
Thanks for welcoming me;
It feels really good to be part
Of your special family.
By Joanna Fuchs

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Janelle already RECOVER .. YAHOOOOO

As I mention earlier, Janelle is down with fever, she already recover but then on Monday her whole body includes her face is full of red dots .. I was so afraid that it is the HFMD, so in the evening bring her see doctor again and is confirmed NOT HFMD phew … is some kind of measles :s and was given some bathing water and chamomile lotion to apply to ease her itchiness. So she is fully recover liao :D just sometimes refuse to finish up her milk normally she would finish her 4oz milk but then nowadays only manage to take up 2-3 oz of milk only for each feeding. Anyhow I am glad that she already recover :D

Just when Janelle is recover, Jasmine say she got fever .. then i go check on her *alamak* got slight fever wo .. faster feed her medicine and luckily the next morning the fever is gone .. else i am a walking zombie already. Is already few nights i din get a good night sleep .. sigh .. hubby try to help but then after 5 mins he give up :s Kesian ~nya

Monday, June 11, 2007

.. 7 Things Bout Myself ..

Well got this tag from this lovely lady ..

1. Shopping. I love SHOPPING .. I can shop n shop n shop the whole day ..
2. Heels. I love to wear heels .. seriously I love it. It makes me feel sexy and definitely taller :P and I walk with confidence :P [though is not recommend to wear heels for long hour]
3. Bake. I love to BAKE .. but still in beginner stage la :P still try and error ..
4. My Girls. I love to smell my girls .. smell their hair and skin :D
5. Music. Cant live a day without music .. must listen to music or song ..
6. Messy. I am a super messy person. I wonder if there is anyone that is so much more messier than myself :P
7. Lazy. Yeah I admit I am SUPER LAZY .. don’t wan tell you how lazy I am r :P I just admit I am LAZY “mai tak lor” hehehehehe

Ok me done liao .. phew .. been sometimes adi this tag .. sorry sorry .. ok I pass up my homework :P not goin to tag anyone la .. this time let you all OFF la :P