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Friday, June 30, 2006

A beautiful Sunday June 25, 2006

Sunday June 25, 2006

Good morning … and it is Sunday already … my girl wake up at about 9am and after finish her milk … she was about to get back to sleep … but then she heard some sound outside … she faster jump up and go out … she saw her favorite “ah gong” yeah my daddy, just back from the morning jogging and badminton session … she then change and go have breakfast with “ah gong and ah poh” … and of coz I get to sleep kekeke … is SUNDAY … of coz must rest to the MAX … as later on I will busy as a bee … today will bake CHEESE CAKE keke … so in the afternoon at about 1pm I started my baking liao … with the help of my eldest sister Evon, we start out the baking process … was very careful with the ingredients and follow the instruction well … I guess we were too freak out bout the last attempt as the last attempt the cake turn out like “kuih talam” hahaha … I dare not post out the picture is too embarrassing … “shame shame” my skills actually is not good but then I like the baking process … and I like to bake … so I give it another try after I have go through mush hassle of reading all the comments and recipe carefully … and so here I am … so lets see the picture of the cake … though it looks nice when it is in the oven it rise and after it cools down it somehow shrink in height but then the taste is very good … yummylicious … anyway who know why or is there anything that I might left out or have done it wrongly please leave a comment to me yeah … and is a birthday cake for my little princess … kekeke I ask her whether she wan me to buy a cake for her or bake a cake for her birthday … and she choose I bake wan … keke so happy … so let’s enjoy the picture yeah … here it goes …

My Cheese Cake

The Texture

Mummy and Little Princess

Daddy and Little Princess

Little Princess with her Ah Gong

Little Princess with her Ah Poh and Wan Yi Yi

Little Princess with her birthday cake

Little Princess blow candle ... yeah she is 4 years old liao ...

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Genki Sushi @ 1 Utama June 24, 2006

Genki Sushi @ 1 Utama

After much discussion with my darling, whether go for a buffet lunch at Nikko Hotel or Sushi at Genki Sushi, we decided to bring Jasmine to have her favorite sushi at Genki Sushi. As she really love sushi and only eat 1 type of sushi, which is the Fish Roe.

As usual my girl would wake up early on Saturday and ONLY Saturday … funny hor … she can time herself well I guess … she wake up at about 8am and already tell me “Mummy you see the sky is already bright is morning … so faster wake up lor” I was like ½ wake up and say “girl is Saturday … mummy need more sleep, mummy is very tired” and she reply me “oh … mummy need rest wo, ok then mummy rest la I go watch cartoon myself yeah” … and of coz I continue with sleep but then not fully sleep la ½ sleep ½ awake lor … muz look after her wan … but then she really very good … she play toys awhile then go on the TV and play the VCD herself sleep down and watch cartoon … n I get another 1 hour plus of beauty sleep … hahaha good hor … and when is about 9.30am she wake me up say “is already late wake up lor … we go have sushi …” hahaha children is just so cute … so we wake our daddy up and ask him to go for a hair cut while we get prepare … then off we go to SS2 to return books and to 1 Utama. We are indeed lucky enough to have a parking nearby … and we are very hungry … all 3 of us can really eat the whole cow … hahaha joking joking … is just that I use to have a cup of milo in the morning during weekday in office … and now on Saturday I din have my usual cup of milo and we only get to eat at about 1pm … so hungry … and my little princess is hungry too … I guess … and we did snap a few pic … of my naughty princess …

My little naughty princess .... Jasmine

My Darling and his little princess Jasmine

And Me Me Me ...

Little Princess FAVORITE Sushi ...

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Wednesday June 21, 2006

I have been suffering a very BAD backache this few days ... and it seems like getting worst each day ... sometimes i cant even stand straight due to the pain ... the doctor say bad ache will continue until i am due to give birth ... gosh ... wanna "pengsan" straight away when the doctor say this ... dont know how long i can "tahan" ... yesterday pain until i cry to sleep ... sigh ... "ho charm" ...
Been craving for chocolate cake lately ... in fact is CAKE actually ... i think i will bake cake this weekend to satisfy my craving :P hahaha ... and i must say i must control my diet ... seriously when i see myself eat ... i also cannot control leh ... the amount of food that i take is double the normal portion that use to take ... i have been having breakfast, lunch, teatime, dinner and supper without MISS for the past whole month ... gosh ... if i were to keep on like this i can guarantee i will become a PIG ... how to lose weight later ... aiyor somemore still planing to go Redang or Maldives next year tim ... i think need to buy a new bigger swimsuit liao ... :(
Oh how i miss Redang, meiyen just reminded me that on June 19, 2006 (Monday) was the day we come back from Redang last year ... oh ... miss Redang so much ... those crystal clear water ... fish ... and white sandy beach ... gosh ... make me wanna cry tim

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Tuesday June 20, 2006

Tuesday June 20, 2006,
Today start off with a wet & rainy morning ... as usual prepare my girl to school ... and off i go to sleep for awhile ... then go for shower and change ... once i am done i wake my darling up ... reach office as usual ... finish up my daily chores ... report, summary, advertisment ... prepare some documents ...
Yesterday nite i was still around in the office at about 7.40pm and i met Layfun in MSN !! ... yes MSN ... she already reach home and is having her soup ... so envy her leh as i m still waiting for my darling to finish up something ... she was doin good in singapore ... wishing her best of health and may lady luck always by her side ... she have been through rough time over here in KL and hope that with new life in singapore ... she would be able to start all over again ...
I was as usual chatting with my jimui, Meiyen ... and guess what ... she say she receive a email from PandanLayer which the email contain pictures of her ex-bf and the 3rd party ... with the message "enjoy viewing" ... this is not the 1st time that my jimui receive such an email ... how come "they" never grow up ... still doin all this childish action even though their arent young anymore ... i guess "they" are still living in my jimui's shadow ... cant get over the past cant move on ... poor thing some time find them pity also right ... cant they juz move on with their life as though there is nothing better to do ... hahaha ... anyway my jimui and her bear bear is leading a very good life and is enjoying every sec of it ... so glad to know that she is leading a very good life and have a very bright future ahead with her "bear bear" ... after all she have been through ... life is not easy ... there are up and down ... but then as long as we live to the fullest and we will not regret at the end of the day ... and let's hope those "children" will grow up :P right meiyen .......

Monday, June 19, 2006

Happy Father's Day ~ To My Beloved Darling ~

Thank You Darling,

On this special day wanna say thank you for being you;

Thank You for Being yourself,
Thank You for always by my side throughout the years and many more years to come,
Thank You for pampering me,
Thank You for your undying love,
Thank You for your unconditional love,
Thank You for spoiling our girl,
Thank You for your massage,
Thank You for being patient with my weaknesses,
Thank You for giving me and girl the best you can,
Thank You for tolerating with my bad temper,
Thank You for looking after our girl when i am shopping,
Thank You for fixing our "bed"

The list of thank you will go on and on and on and on and on
and i want you to know that I Love You for who you are ....

Father's Day June 18, 2006

This morning wake up at 9.30am with my girl ... while she is having her milk ... "ah gong and ah poh" just back from jogging and badminton session ... and ask my girl if wanna follow ah gong to eat bak kut teh ... my girl of coz say wan !!!!!! coz she like to eat bak kut teh ... so after her milk she follow "ah gong and ah poh" go for bak kut teh ... and i stay at home coz i cant take bak kut teh ... so i have milo and read newspaper while watching astro ... at about 12.30 my girl and daddy and mummy is back ... my 2 sister also just wake up ... and suddenlly i wanted to eat the "sai toh si" (whereby is the white bread with the peanut butter and dip into the egg and fried) so i go with phoebe to the nearby store to buy bread and peanut butter ... and once we reach home we start to cook ... our BRUNCH hahaha...and the result was amazing it is so yummy .... keke wanna cook again this coming sunday ... keke phoebe keep on say dont cook so much later i cannot digest how to eat crab wo ... kaka .. this girl really ... so at about 6.25pm off we go to Lala Chong at Subang Terminal 3 ... luckily we go early or else no table for us !!! we meet my darling there and today he is busy fixing the bed :P what a good darling ... and even and jefferey as both of them go to KLCC ... so after waited for about 30mins our dinner is served .... we have crabs, vege, Lala soup, sotong, mantis prawn, seafood toufu ... i must say is a very good dinner .. n now i miss those crabs ... hahaha and the most regretful thing is i forget to take pictures ... even though i bring along my camera ... i m totally forget about the camera la ... as my attention is on the crabs .......... only kakaka.... so no picture ... how forgetfull i am right ....
To my Beloved Daddy ...
Thank you for pampering me and showering me with your love
I might not be the perfect daughter but i just want you to know that I Love You ...
Happy Father's Day
To my Beloved Mummy ...
Thank You for always be there for me whenever i needed you
Though i cant always by yourside all the time but i just want you to know that you are always in my mind ...
Happy Mother's Day

Saturday again June 17, 2006

So fast is already Saturday ... and guess what ... i have to work this week ... as i work alternate saturday ... so as usual wake my girl up and tell her that she is goin to office with me ... she is so excited ... she change and pack her bag full of books and toys ... and when we (myself and my girl) finish changing and packing, of coz we go "kacau" the "big big pig"

Before we go office i ask darling to drove me to the bakery shop as i need to buy girl some bread so she can eat in the office ... then off we go then ... reach office 9.30am i start my daily chores and my girl as usual will sit her usual place ... and start to draw and run here and there ... infact the whole office ... then at about 10.30 my darling say he need to go bring our "bed frame" to fix as it is spoilt ... he have to get it fix before i give birth ... as i cant be sleeping on the floor it will very hard for me to stand up ... and about 11.00am my girl say she is hungry and guess what she wanna eat ... she wanna eat mee ... luckily i have a packet of instant mee at office ... so i cook for her ... and after she finish we sit awhile and my darling is back .... i manage to capture a few pictures of my girl in the office

My little princess is drawing ....

Oh she say she is making a father's day card ...

So serious looking ... really good girl hor ... kekeke

When we are about to go off ... it start to rain heavily ... and we are on our way to my mummy house ... after we pack our lunch ... we have our lunch at my mummy house ... yummy lunch lunch then we rest awhile ... darling is watching movie at the living hall whereby i m in the dining hall chatting with my mummy and evon while phoebe and my daddy is having ther lunch ... after a while i go for afternoon nap as i mention earlier i am getting heavier and all the working and travelling make me feel so exhausted and my back ache is getting worst i think ... darling join me for nap after the movie .. thought of tonight go for dinner to celebrate father's day but then my daddy and mummy is goin out tonight for dinner with their friends ...so we make it on Sunday dinner ....

Check up Friday 16, 2006

Today got appointment with Dr. Jeremy Chuah ... for monthly check-up at 9.30am ... once got ourself a parking we go for the appointment and as usual i will have to weight myself and guess what ... i shock the nurse hahaha i was at 64kg last month n this month my weight shot up to 68.5kg ... i even shock myself also .... she keep on nag n nag n nag say cannot eat so much must cut down ... how to cut down le i tell myself i often feel hungry ... nowadays i have breakfast then lunch after that tea time then dinner and then supper ... sigh ...i have been trying to cut down le but then i really feel hungry :S ... i also afraid that i cant slim down ... :( luckily the doctor din say anything just say cut down on food intake as next months onward da fat will goes to the baby which might make me difficult to give birth ... gosh ... the doctor asl me whether i have cramp ... yes and is TWICE .... so "charm" is painful and my backache is even worst ...sometimes i cant even stand up straight ... after that we go to Midvalley for movie !!! yes yes MOVIE .. and this time is "Fast and Furious" i must say THUMBS UP for the movie is really good the car is great and the japanese girls .... sexy .... kekeke after the movie we go back home ... as i am very tired didnt even go shopping also thought wanna buy shoes ... but then i m too exhausted liao ... so we go home and i sleep ... ZzzZZzZzz

My little girl is sick :(

As usual after work i go home ... normally she would be calling us "daddy & mummy" but then tonight ... she is sick she just lie down at the sofa not moving at all just stare blankly at the sofa ... yes she is sick having fever and sore throat ... poor thing didnt even watch cartoon or play or eat ... then we bring her to see the doctor after that bring her to bakery shop to buy some bread as she cant eat rice ... later after take bread .... she vomit all out sigh ... poor thing .... later after taken milk and the medicine she fell asleep jor ...i think the medicine make her drowsy ... the next day she ask me not to go work stay at home with her .... so i have to take emergency leave on the Wednesday ... the fever only go off in the evening ... and at nite she is ok liao ... at 9.30pm after taken the medicine she fell asleep ... and sleep till the next morning ... she was feeling so much better and so i tell her to go school ... and she say yes she miss her friends i guess ... keke

Shopping !!!!!!!!!

Is Saturday ... May 10, 2006 we plan to for a shopping trip to shop for new clothes and stuff for our 2nd princess ... as i m getting "heavier" i think is better to shop now as i cant really walk for "long" time ... i really exhausted from the shopping trip ... so as usual i will wake my girl up ... well in fact she wake up much more earlier than me ... surprise hor ... during weekdays ask her to wake up is a HAVOC ... but then when it comes to SATURDAY ... is very natural for her to wake up by herself and she ask "Mummy issit saturday??" n i say "Yes" then she would scream "YES IS SATURDAY" she really love saturday ... as today no school n kai kai keke ... nowadays KIDS are really smart hor ... ok finish changing and packing we (myself n Jasmine) would "kacau" my darling "daddy" to wake up n change ... haha ... after darling is done ... when we are about to go out ... my darling suddenly feeling not good ... he got stomachache .... gosh so he rush to relieve himself ... after that we go SS2 to rent book ... then we go home again yeah coz darling need to relieve himself ... poor thing sure very "sen fu" ... and my sis, Evon call me telling me she adi reach Midvalley jor ... with Mummy, Phoebe and Jeffery ... as we are planing to watch the "Cars" ... keke so when darling is done so we rush to Midvalley ... we are lucky to find a parking ... then we go meet up with the rest n we have lunch at teppanyaki ... good good yummy yummy ...then we off to our movie but then my mummy n phoebe did not join us for movie as they prefer to go shopping ... so off we go for MOVIE .... i must say is really a good show .... is funny and at the same time touching also ... it reminds us to slow down and look around us ... dont be to arrogant ... as fame dont last ... anyway we enjoy the show very much ... after that we go for shopping ....

See my little princess with the hat ... she is lovely right ... and that's me at the back da Pink Blouse wan haha ....

Arent I cute ... i m already 7 months pregnant jor ... i know i know is PRETTY ... haha .. "oi~nya"

See that's my darling and princess ...

New clothes for my 2nd princess ...

oh this is another set ...

here goes the mitten and bottie ...

well this is the new bottle ...

all for my 2nd princess

After all the shopping then we off to go eat Assam Laksa at the Jusco ... was good ... keke ...then we go shop for groceries at Carrefour as my girl wanna sit the kid's cabbies ... so off we go then ... after paying RM 50 deposit for the cabbie ... we go shopping ... when is done joe ask me to return the kids cabbie as it is not allowed to bring it out from carrefour compound ... as my darling bring my girl to the playground ... so off i go then return the cabbie and got back the deposit and get another trolley as we really buy alot of stuff and is HEAVY ... done liao we waited for my darling then i wanted to return the RM 50 deposit back to my darling ... only i realise i miss place the Rm 50 note ...gosh ... havoc ... i remember very well i get the money n i put it in my handbag ... i m really "big head prawn" but then darling din scold me ... he just "never mind take it as a lesson lor ... let this Rm 50 note serve as a reminder for me not to be so careless" i really so down leh ... i remember well i get da money n put in da bag but then somehow it DISSAPPEAR ... sigh ... :( off we go to take our car ... n along da journey i was so down ... my darling say nvm la you are so happy the whole day and juz becoz of this small thing you are not happy ... nvm la ... i really wanna slap myself leh why i always so careless ... and forgetful ... then reach home liao ... waiting for the worldcup match to start ... tonight is England vs Paraguay (correct me if i have got it wrong :P) n b4 it start i still searching my handbag ... and guess what I FOUND the RM 50 note ... so happy ... my mummy and sis say "aiks...can laugh already r" so bad la their all ... keke ...finally got it back but then don't u think is abit spooky and weird ... i been searching my handbag all over few times in the midvalley and in da car but could not find it ... but then i found it at home wo ... yerrr..... scarry man .... anyway is a very tired and happy day ... keke

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Haha Haha

Myself and Meiyen at KLCC Park ... i think is on the year of 1998 ...

Well i was browsing thru the picture and n found this picture and i find it very FUNNY ... both of us look so different right ... i think we took this picture right after our tuition class in kasturi tuition centre ... now see the picture below ... how much we have change ... thru the years we have learn to appreciate our loved ones ... we learn to forgive and forget ... we laugh together ... we cry together ... we "sot sot" together ... we "chat" on MSN everyday(dont let our boss know wo) ... we share our deepest secret ... we laugh n cry infront of the monitor (no 1 know this secret ok) ... n here we are our friendship of 15 years ... and it is still goin strong ...

Our trip to Redang ...

Without her ... i really cant imagine how my life would be ... beside my family and hubby ... she is my BESTEST jimui ... THANK YOU MUACKSSSSSSSS u deserve a BIG BIG HUG & KISS

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Is already June ....

Month of June 2006

Farewell and Birthday dinner for Layfun at Marco’s Pizza, Kelana Jaya.

After all the hassle that myself and meiyen went thru … the dinner is finally “ON” on the June 1, 2006 at the Marco’s Pizza, Kelana Jaya … previously was held on the Stadium Steamboat Kuala Lumpur which is organize by another gang of friends but then was cancel due to unforeseen circumstances … so our plan is ON … this is a Birthday Cum Farewell dinner for Layfun as her birthday is on June 2, 2006 and she is leaving to Singapore on the June 4, 2006 to start a new life there … yes there is some unhappy things happen and she need times to get thru it … and seems to her that her only solution is to get away from here … so we wish her best of luck …

The Happy Family

Meiyen and Bob

Kok Khin

Myself and Meiyen (my partner in crime) kaka

Myself and Layfun

~ Best Friend ~

Standing: Layfun, Kok Khin and Wei Teck
Sitting: My princess Jasmine, myself and Meiyen
Miss u guys a lot … in fact I really miss those happy moments ….

As i mention earlier, i need to attend quite a number of wedding dinner and so the 5th and the final wedding dinner was Kim Long’s wedding dinner ... my classmate … on the June 3, 2006 and here are the pictures … it was a fun night as we get to gather around with some of the friends whom we have lost in touch or last met was way back in 1998 … gosh so many years back already ….

Standing (Chong Kit, Herman (Pik Fuen’s Bf), Pik Fuen, Chin Yee, ChinYee’s Bf
Sitting (Meiyen, Bob, Myself and my hubby, Joe)

Darling and myself ….keke aren’t we lovely kekeke … I look FAT hor … sigh dunno can slim back or not tim …

Where have i been ??

New Year 2006

Month of January and February 2006

Well well … I know is already JUNE and yet I only do my posting for the brand new year NOW … keke … coz I was not feeling well … I was PREGNANT … keke with my 2nd child … was confirm on December 28, 2005 I m 3 weeks pregnant jor … YES … it is about time to have 2nd child … as my girl is already 4 years old (actually is 3 years and 6 months old) … yeahyeah … and she is going to nursery this year … was a good start for her … as she is very happy and looking forward for the 1st day of school … she was very good and I must say I am very proud of her …

See my girl in yellow blouse n skirt sitting on the red chair doing her 1st coloring work in school.

Then it was Chinese New Year on the January 29, 2006. As usual we did not go anywhere coz I am not feeling well … was very sick due to the morning sickness … was in a very bad condition till I vomit whatever food that I take … my hubby begin to worry … he say he so heart broken see me so “sen fu” … I say what can I do, this is the morning sickness … no medicine can be taken … infact the doctor say this is a good symptom … I have to be in this condition for about 4 months … gosh … and my next appointment was on February 18, 2006. My baby will be at 13 weeks jor keke…kind of excited. My condition of vomit and feeling sick is getting worse … there is 1 night that I have been vomiting whatever single food or liquid in my tummy … I cry a lot coz very “sen fu” so u guys must sayang your mummy … is not easy to be a MUMMY

All ready to go back to my daddy & mummy house … yippee … “hui niang jia”

Something bad happen during Chinese New Year, my father in law’s condition is getting bad … he cant eat or drink … and looks like about to left us :( he was then admitted to hospital during CNY. After 1 week the condition is getting from bad to worst so my hubby and his brother decided to bring father in law back to home … so he could pass away at the comfort of home and not in the hospital … my hubby was so lost … he is mentally and physically exhausted due to the traveling and not having a good night sleep … so my father in law was back at home … all the uncles and aunties come to see him … n tell him not to worry … as all his children have grown up and already have their own family … so he could “go” peacefully … he seems to understand and nod too. On the 3rd day, we ask a nearby clinic doctor to come and see his condition … the doctor’s advise was to admit him back to hospital at once … or else his condition will be even worst. So on that day itself my father in law is admitted back to hospital. All the while in the hospital is my mother in law that has been taking care of him. She really very sayang him. My hubby have been the 1 who is doing the traveling to and back from the hospital to fetch my mother in law back home so she could have her dinner and shower. As time goes on ... is like none of his BRO’s duty to go and look at his brother. I hate to say this but I could not help it … I HATE HIM … he is taking advantage of my hubby … my hubby is the 1 who is doing the traveling and the 1 who is worrying … and to his BRO is like “well is your mother, so is your duty” (my mother in law is the 2nd wife as the 1st wife already left my father in law long time before my mother in law exists) and my mood swing to the HIGHEST … u see I and already pregnant my mood and temper really swing like crazy … this moment I can be laughing but then the next minute I am crying … I have no 1 to turn too … I can only relate this to my best friend, Meiyen. I talk to my hubby about it … saying he cannot go on like this … he is being taking advantage … and I m left alone … ALONE … I am very afraid of 6pm coz I will be going back to the “prison house” (I am so sorry I have to say this … but I don’t feel homely … it is cold and strange to me) I dislike my hubby’s sister as she is a very selfish person … and very “pin sam” even though towards her own sons not to say her brother. She will always say my hubby’s bro is so pressure at work so tired … but then what about my hubby … this really anger me … but I am not those type who will vent anger by smashing things or throwing tantrums or shouting or screaming … I am those who will cry to myself only … I cry to sleep every night … and I even wake up in the middle of the night coz I was too sad to sleep just to CRY … I hide in the toilet to cry … my hubby din know about this until I have a talk with him … I guess he notice something is very wrong with me … coz I hardly smile or talk to him … coz I hate him for not talking the things out with his brother … but he ask me to understand him … that is his father that is in the hospital now I feel bad when he tell me this :(

Month of March and April 2006

For the month of March it goes on to and back hospital … everyday … and my life is like LIFELESS … everyday is like a routine … I am so down and I cry a lot … I feel so sad … (Since I married to my hubby, I can say I do not have any good or happy memories with my father in law or any other family member in the house of coz except my wedding day la … coz is after I married to my hubby only I see real life argument between his bro and wife, his bro and my mother in law, his sis and my mother in law my father in law and my mother law … gosh and the list go on, as u can see I live with the whole family and is quite a big family) so now you understand why I hate to go home … everyone is like a volcano … all will like erupt anytime … so until 1 day my hubby and have a talk … he say he know what he must do … and ask me to trust him … so he talk to his sis and bro … and somehow I have relief feeling … is like I have let go a burden … I have been carrying the burden for quite sometime and for a pregnant mummy is much more heavier that you thought. Later on after the surgery to remove the tumors and insert the tube into the stomach for feeding purpose finally my father in law is allow to go home … so this is a good news to everyone coz … it have been very tiring routine for all of us … my mother in law have been taking care of him all this time and have been doing a very good job … salute to her … but then this does not just end here … argument is still on … as my father in law is now fully depend on my mother in law in his daily chores such as bathing, feeding … sigh ... I think still a lot more better than in hospital right …

Oh yeah is March is Bob’s birthday, my best friend Meiyen’s bf … so she has a BBQ at her house …. to celebrate Bob’s birthday … Happy Birthday Bob!! wishing you all the best and good luck And faster “buy” my bestest jimui back la :P

Oh yeah my appointment with Dr. Jeremy Chuah on the March 18, 2006 confirm my 2nd child is a little princess … so I think I can’t “sau kung” lor coz I thought if is a baby boy then I can “sau kung” ma so I guess I still need to “work” :P is already 17 weeks old jor keke

My bestest jimui Meiyen and Bob … gosh you see bob is so HOT sweating all the way … hahaha

My little princess, Jasmine and Maggie (Meiyen’s favourite niece) aren’t they cute posing for the picture … kekeke

Me and my bestest Jimui … really love her a lot … she have been by my side during my bad and happy times … silently she pray for me and cheer me up when I m down and share with me those happy moments …. THANK YOU …

My “charming” hubby and myself … he is enjoying the BBQ so much … kekeke

My next appointment with Dr Jeremy Chuah is April 14, thought can do the 3D-Scan for my baby … but then doctor say cannot …coz the baby position is blocking the view so have to wait for next month …

Phoebe, my youngest sister, her 20th birthday is on April 20, 2006 … din celebrate with her as she already off to celebrate with her bf … but then still I bake a cake for her ... hope she like it la :P beside I put a lot of chocolate chips in I also put in a lot effort wan leh … keke wishing her all the best and good luck … she is now waiting for the notice on whether she have a place in university or not … so wish her luck yeah …

Mummy receive call from my aunty saying she cant come to KL to deliver the invitation card as she is very busy in taking care of her mother in law … so she ask her daughter which is my cousin sister to come and send the invitation card for her wedding dinner in Ipoh on the April 30, 2006. Below is the picture taken during the Ipoh trip …

My mummy (sitting), my eldest sister Evon (in orange blouse), my youngest sister Phoebe (in black blouse) of coz my cousin sister the bride with my princess and myself

My daddy on the stage (with microphone) singing along with my cousin brother (the bride’s brother) and is having a good time

Darling and myself … can see my tummy r … kekeke

1 happy family kekeke

Phoebe, Myself & My princess Jasmine

Month of May 2006

This is the month whereby I have to attend a lot wedding dinner …

1st wedding dinner already attend which is my cousin sister’s (my daddy’s side) wedding in Ipoh.

2nd wedding dinner is my cousin brother (my mummy’s side) on May 6, 2006 at the Imbi Palace Restaurant, Kuala Lumpur.

3rd wedding dinner is my ex-colleague Veronica and Nicholas’s wedding on the May 11, 2006 at the Concorde Hotel.

4th wedding dinner is my hubby’s schoolmate Beverly and CK on May 28, 2006 at the Imbi Palace Restaurant, Kuala Lumpur.

This month, my eldest sis Evon is celebrating her 22nd birthday on the May 5, 2006 … wishing her all the best and good luck … and she is finally graduate and her convo is on August 2006 hope I can attend la … never attend convo before ma …

Not to forget Ailing’s is getting married this month too … but I cant attend her wedding … as she has her wedding in Gold Coast, Australia .... Congratulation !!!

The Bride and the Bridegroom

The lovely bride Ailing … she is beautiful ….