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Friday, December 29, 2006

Happy New Year !!!

Happy New Year EveryOne ... I'll be back NEXT YEAR hehehe ...

New Year Resolution ??

Well, I always keep a mental notes on the new year resolutions thing, never did I put it down, cause I will tend to forget it after few months, but don’t know what have gotten into me that I decided to do it this year :D

A New Year, A New Beginning

To shed those extra kilo!!
After giving birth to Princess Janelle, I am now 1 size bigger K gosh .. this sure make me feel sad and no confidence. So must wish me heaps of luck on this …

To control my anger and be more patience when dealing with my Princess Jasmine
I can’t seems to control my anger when comes to dealing with Princess Jasmine. She is always driving me MAD gosh got to be more relax …

To tidy up the room?
When come to this, I must confess, my room is always in a mess, toys, books, clothes is always lying here and there, with Jasmine around, after tidy up 5 mins later all will be back to square one. But then still I must tidy also right!!

To workout
To do yoga at least 2-3 times a week, if can must do it EVERYDAY. I did do everyday but then only last for 2 weeks as some incident happen that require me to go office early, and I cant seems to locate a 15 mins workout. Bad bad no good MUST force myself !!

To spend more time with my dear hubby
Yeah, we really need some time for us only the 2 of us. So must start to do some planning already :D

To have some time for myself
Seriously I need some time alone, being only myself where my mind can wonder off to my dreamland (I am not referring to sleep!! As I know I will never get enough sleep) After attending to my 2 princesses and hubby needs is already past midnight. I really don’t have the time for myself. Got to set some time, got to do planning …

To Blog more
Hope I can do more blogging in future. I can’t seem to have the time to blog !!. I think I would need more than 24 hours a day to do all my stuff

I guess this is it, at the moment this is some of the resolutions that I can think off. So wish me luck yeah …

Flashback on Year 2006

Year 2006

In a few days time, it will come to and end for Year 2006. Through out this year, many things happen to me and my family.

The year starts of pretty well as I was 1 month pregnant as confirmed by Dr. Jeremy Chuah :D issitnit wonderful … I am having my 2nd child yeah yeah … Hubby and myself was hoping this would be a baby boy. Since then I was so sick and vomit almost everything that went into my tummy so “charm” everything is tasteless and I truly understand the phrase “sik lung yuk tou mou mei”. Everything that goes in will comes out within a few minutes time. I seem to forget that I will have to go through this as my eldest girl is already 4 years old. I started to find myself cant fit in to my usual clothes as I feel so bloated. If the clothes to tight fitting it make me wanna vomit. There is a few times where I nearly fainted due to lack of fresh air. Yes pregnant ladies need fresh air. I am always feeling tired and sick most of the time for the 1st 4 to 5 months. Till to extend that I cried as I just could not take it anymore. Dear hubby was always there to attend all my needs and hear me complain this that :P I keep on complain saying that I cant fit in to my clothes how am I going to office and go out … gosh … Dear hubby was so kind that he accompany me to look for maternity clothes. But I was so fussy that I keep on saying this is all so old fashion, I don’t wan to be seen wearing those dress!! I want to be a modern mummy!! Hahahaha I din’t know why I would say that :P until I found 1 boutique in SS2, PJ that is a specialty in the maternity clothes. Dear hubby drove me there and I shop for about an hour and come out happily with my hubby carrying the 2 shopping bags full of new clothes hahahaha sure happy happy. We the pregnant ladies also need to look good and pretty wan ma!! Hehehehe that night shopping trip sure cost dear hubby a lot … but he just say this “I just want you to be happy” which really touch my heart. I started to bake after being stop for few years. I got the motivation and inspiration by my best friend Meiyen. She bakes so well that inspire me to bake too. But then my baking skill is just so so only got to practice more as practice makes prefect right. Ever since then I have been baking every weekend since I started to feeling well from the morning sickness and whenever I have the time. I have tried the Chocolate Chip Butter Cake, Raisin Cake, Cheese Cake, Chocolate Cake, Egg Tarts and Blue Berry Cheese Tart. Hope can bake more as I just love to bake!! And it seems like my baking skills improve a lot … hahahaha thanks to my “Si Fu” (meiyen)

Dear Hubby is as loving as ever, since he has change to the new working environment, he has been very busy. As for my 2 princesses both is still the naughty wan and always testing my patience and will always be the sunshine of my life. Both of my parents is doing pretty good, with a bunch of good friends, they have always go for trips, out for dinner, karaoke (hotter me and my sisters :P ) enjoying the life to the fullest :D As for my elder sis Evon, she graduate mid of this year and have started working as a programmer. For my younger sis, Phoebe, she has been working this whole year and will be starting her course in broadcasting early next year. I wish the lady luck will always by their side. As for my MIL, she has been suffering a lot due to my FIL’s condition. She would have to look after him all the time. My FIL’s condition somehow is going from bad to worse. Just hope he won’t have to endure any more suffering, as he has suffered a lot. As for my friendship, I know I can always rely on her and she will always be there for me to guide me thru the happiest and darkest period of my life, someone who is so true so sincere, Meiyen. Thank You dear.

I would like to take this opportunity to give a big hug to my parents and my 2 sisters for always being there for me. My Dear hubby for always pamper me and spoilt me and his love towards me and my 2 princesses.

Well, I started to do posting back on the mid year and on why am I missing for the 1st half of the year, do refer to “Where have I been”. After all the incident that happen over the year have surely made me more wiser in terms of my feelings, my thinking, my views and I am still learning to take things easy as I am still the very “chap chiok” person even though how much I tried. I got to be more responsible as I am now a mummy for 2 girls and need to look after my hubby (erm in reality dear hubby is taking care of me more). Overall the year is sure full of ups and downs for me and is truly draining me mentally and physically. I hope for a better and great year ahead and peace to the world.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

On X'Mas Day

On X'Mas day dear hubby bring me and Jasmine go for a shopping trip in Midvalley. Hubby decided not to bring Janelle along as he say surely lots of ppl wan. So we left Janelle under the care of my MIL. And off we go Midvalley we reach at about 11am and there is still lots of parking around and I was telling hubby "wow lots of parking, surely ppl is away for holiday" my hubby disagree with me and he say "wait till u see later" And my hubby is right. About 11.30am we can see the ppl is filling up every corner of the complex !! "Ppl Mountain Ppl Sea" hahaha here is some pictures taken around midvalley. Must say it is a very beautiful X'Mas decorations !!

Issitnit BEAUTIFUL !!! with all the candy around and not to forget the Candy House !! Who can resist it !!

Performance at the centre court around noon time. Singing X'Mas song.

Ah..Lovely ...

Picture taking with dear Santa Clause .. Dear Santa, I have been very good for the year and I wish for ...

How I spend this year X'Mas Eve

Well, when I bought the USB Flash Drive there is a contest for Justin's X'Mas Party Concert. So hubby say give a try and BINGO I won 2 tickets to Justin's X'Mas Party Concert in MIECC. Yeah yeah ... And I meet up with Alice Tan and her Bf Ivan. Will upload the pictures when I got hold of it. She is a pretty little girl and her bf is handsome !! The concert is awesome !! Justin is so CUTE and he is such a good singer. Just love it very much. Both hubby and I really enjoy ourself very much.
Oh Justin !!!!!!!

My TICKETS hahahahaha is worth RM 202 per ticket.

Myself and Alice, such a sweet and pretty girl !!

My dear hubby, myself and Alice (wonder why i "sengget")

Myself with Alice and her Bf Ivan, whoa..handsome!!

A Little Present For My Dear Hubby

On December 13, 2006, my dear hubby turn 29 years old. I bought a USB Flash Drive Pendrive Mini for him as a present. As he is looking high and low for a suitable one. So i decided to get him as a birthday present. And of coz need to thank you my dear sister Evon and her BF Jeffrey for helping me out and precious opinion. As when come to all this gadgets I am a fool. Zero information on it.

PenDrive Mini 2.0 is a removable flash hard drive fully compatible with USB 2.0 .This plug and play device with up to 2GB flash memory capacity. Simply plug it into USB port and the computer will detect it as a removable drive, PenDrive Mini 2.0 does not require any external power source, it is powered by USB.

· Available in 128MB / 256MB / 512MB / 1GB / 2GB
· Dimensions: 53mm x 18mm x 8mm (L x W x D)
· Compatible with USB specification 2.0 and 1.1
· Hot plug & play
· No external power is required - DC 4.5V ~ 5.5V from USB port
· Durable solid-state data retention for at least 10 years
· Shock resistance:1000G (maximum)
· Read Speed: 6.0 MB/sec
· Write Speed: 4.0 MB/sec
System Requirements
· Support of Windows XP / 2000 / ME without device driver
· Support of Linux Kernel 2.4.10 and higher without device driver
· Support of Mac OS 8.6 and higher without device driver
· Support of Windows 98 / SE with device driver needed
· 5 years warranty
Package Contents
· PenDrive Mini 2.0
· Lanyard

A very Happy Birthday To My Dear Hubby

A year older, a year wiser hope that the brand new year will be a great year ahead and wishes you lots of happiness (which will also happen to me :P) and may your dreams or OUR dreams will come true soon …

The time for us to be together is getting less as you are now in a new working environment and it requires you to go off the house early in the morning and come back late at night. I am of coz unhappy on this but then knowing you are working hard for our future I must tolerate and be happy as you are a responsible husband and a good daddy for our girls. Whenever you have the time you would spend it with us even though you are very tired and would need a rest. I really appreciate it very much. Dear hubby, when you face new challenges in work, no worries as you are not alone as me and our girls is always there for you.

Thank you for always providing us the best you could afford. I love you Dear. Happy Birthday .. I would like to apologize should I have hurt your feeling without realizing it. I am really thankful for having you by my side all this years and many years to come. We shall walk hand in hand till the end of time

Love you always
Jessie, Jasmine & Janelle

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Princess Jasmine & Princess Janelle

Both of My Princess

Princess Jasmine love X'Mas very much hehe, she say so pretty ... X'Mas tree so beautiful !!

She have been very good in throwing tantrums nowadays. If she don't get what she want she would cry non-stop and will screaming all the way. I would try to talk to her and make her understand why cannot but then she is always testing my patience to the extend that I cant tolerate any more I will CANE !! yes CANE !! sorry to say i do cane my child. As i don't want her to be a spoilt brats that will get what she want by crying. She cant seems to accept the word "NO". Even though i have talk to her and CANE her, she would still screaming and shouting .. "duh" now what i did is USELESS .. but when daddy talk to her she listen and will accept the word "NO" and eventually stop crying. She always bully me :( whereby i am very heartbroken.When i go shopping, and enter the shop she would say "no don't go in, you have plenty of clothes already"when i explain to her yeah i have plenty but then is getting old and seriously i need a wardrobe overhaul (yes cause is Sales again and i cant seems to fit in back to my clothes yet) who cant resist from buying when it is SALES. So the next time i would want a comfortable shopping trip i would go venture with my hubby or my jimui or ALONE .. haha no extra opinion, just buy what is nicely fit on me, right girls !!! I am glad that she "sayang"her "meimei". Last few weeks when Janelle was in my mummy house, she keep on asking me "why is meimei in ah po house?, why mummy don't want to bring meimei back home?" and she keep on crying asking for meimei and would say "come mummy, we go fetch meimei come back home, i miss her so much" she is just so cute ..

Princess Janelle, the naughty girl who loves ppl carry her around hehe

Another naughty girl :P yeah wanna ppl to carry her around most of the time .. she is starting to recognise ppl now. Like to smile alot and love ppl talking to her too .. her smile is so sweet that will surely melt my heart. Time does flies, and she is about 4 months old already. Still feel like yesterday only i give birth to her (the life time experience, who can forgot about it). She love her soft toy very much and love travelling in the car. Feel so excited and keep on looking around. Wonder why mostly all the children love traveling in the car .. hehe
One thing is both of my girls look just like my hubby ...

Farewell May and Happy Birthday Jimmy !!

Dinner At LaLa Chong, Terminal 3 November 18, 2006

May will be going off to US on November 26 so we have a farewell dinner with her and also today is Jimmy's Birthday so we (me and Charlence) plan for a surprise birthday dinner for him as well. Well this place is recommended by Meiyen to me and I must say the food is fresh and very good indeed. So let's the picture do the talking yeah ...

From the Left: Emily, Myself n Hubby, Charlence, Jimmy Dino, Steve, May, Katherine, Sharmaine, Khoo And Sebastian

Sharmaine, Emily, Myself, May, Charlence and Katherine

Happy Birthday Jimmy, Wishing you best of luck and a Great year ahead yeah ...

Friday, December 22, 2006

Deep Down Inside

I have been feeling moody for the past 2 weeks, due to certain incident that happen in my family. Don't know how to explain or bring it up. But I cant keep my feeling as I feel like I will explode. So I have to let go ... which is BROKE DOWN n cried.
Ever since the incident happen, my daily life is like a routine, been receiving orders and walking around as though as my hand and leg is TIED. No one notice, just thought that I am tired. Little did I knew, my hubby know this actually. But he cant do much. As it is out of our control.
As life must go on whether you are happy or not. I went thru each day like zombie. Nothing could cheer me. When I was tidying my daughters closet, out of sudden my tears role down my cheek. I was CRYING without even noticing it. GOSH, am I that NUMB. I did cried that night. I cried like a small baby, uncontrolable for the past half an hour.
My heart feel so light and I feel cheerful and happy after that. Guess I have cried out all the unhappiness in me. Well is good that a woman can cry when she is down. Wonder how is the man cope or handle this. Seriously I really don't know how to release myself when I am in stress. Since the incident, it seems like impossible for me to be as happy as I use to be. I always live in fear.
Ever since that, I cherish each moment I have with my loved ones be it my family or my friends. As life is so unpredictable. We don't know what will happen the very next minute.
The wealthiest person in the world is not how much money he have in his account or the value of his asset but HEALTHY.
Without health the person is the poorest man in the world. Do take good care of yourself and your loved ones.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Day I Turn 25

November 15, The day I turn 25.

Today is the day I turn 25 years old. Actually I don’t mind at all telling others how old I am cause to me is just a number. On today I would like to say a big Thank You to my mummy and a big *Hugz* to my daddy. My parents have given me the very best that they could afford and giving me a comfortable and loving family. Without them I will not be who I am today. I learn the values of family well since I was young, the meaning of a loving family and love between my sisters.

I am happily married to my hubby who is always there for me, who spoilt me by pampering me and shower me with his undying love. As for my role as a wife, I am still learning. My biggest achievement I would say is my 2 girls, Princess Jasmine and Princess Janelle. Both are my precious darling. Being a mummy can be a very tiring job but then when I hear “mommyyyyyyyy” my heart will surely melt .. with their smile .. it is worth for all the tiredness and sleepless night. Both are me and my hubby Sunshine.

I am thankful for having such a lovely family and I wish everyone is happy, healthy, safe n sound and peace to the world.

Happiest Man in the World ... with 3 daughters and a naughty grandchild ... hahahaha
Thank You dad, for always stand by me ... :D and of coz my 2 sister, for making me proud. Though U 2 always bully me but I will always love you ...

Thank You Mum, You are the best, without you, I will not be who I am today, I Love You :D

My dear, thank you for your uncondition love to me, your patience towards my needs and demands, though i always bully you and yet you still treat me so well ... I Love You Dear !!

My Princess Jasmine, must thank you her for driving me up the wall, for testing my patience, making me run around like mad in the shopping complex just to chase her and above all she is still my darling ... I love you ...

My Princess Janelle, her smile sure melt my heart ... I love You my baby