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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year EVERYONE!!!

Hello everyone ..
First of all, my apollogy to everyone for MIA .. been too tied up with work leh ..
Secondly, here would like to wish you all a Happy New Year !! wishing everyone
"Sai Tai Kin Hong" = Healthy Always
"Sam Siong Si Seng" = Dream/Wishes come true
"Pou Pou Kol Sing" = Step Step Higher (hahaha i dunno how to translate this anyone can help?)
and the list go on and on hehehehe
Infact I was away for a company trip, yup and is going to Vietnam. Is really a new experience for me as this is my first time going out without the presence of my hubby and my family member and of coz my dearest friends. All is my new colleagues and they are COOL!!! they work hard and play hard !!! hehehe
What i had encounter during the trip is totally new and i am happy to be part of the company and the trip!! Been doing the journal for the trip and still doing it as i had lots to write in and it definetely take up lots of time !!
Oh yeah on the 28 December 2007, I had attend Erica's Wedding Dinner and here I wish Erica and Allen Congratulation and Happy Always. And from this wedding dinner i get to know my another girl friend is getting married too !! and is on February this year .. gosh i feel so happy for them and end of the year will be my bestie big day, cant wait for it !!!