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Monday, January 29, 2007

Thank You !!

Thank you everyone .. no worries i am recover although not 100% but is already 90% and my condition is best to describe with -->"can kill few tiger" hahahaha

We, Mummy is "super woman" and for the sake of our Prince/Princess and of coz our Prince Charming .. we can fight away the illness ..

Yoohoo.. recover adi so is SHOPPING TIME hohoho ... this is so fun !!! As u all know, CNY is around the corner .. how can we stop ourself from SHOPPING ... if my dear hubby see this surely fainted :P


p/s: I just cant go a day without reading BLOGS .. gosh .. how r :P my mind is all BLOG BLOG BLOG

Tagged !!

I kena Tagged for the 1st time in my life and is by 2 fabulous Mummy at the same time Desperate Mummy and Lovely Mummy. So coincidence and I am so happy even though today is MONDAY hahaha *jumping up and down* Now I know got ppl read my blog :D and the most exciting things is I have new batch of friends which is all the “Wonderful Mummy” !!

Erm since this is my 1st tagged, so if I have any mistake do let me know yeah ..

My best jimui .. she is my school mate since primary school!! Let me count how many year liao .. 6,7,8, … wah !! use up all my 10 fingers jor .. whenever u drop by her blog do get a tissue or better still a handkerchief as ur saliva will be dripping all the way .. her blog is full or FOOD REVIEW .. enjoy yeah [psst: those who wanna go for a romantic dinner can always drop by here to have some tips on where to dine .. coz I always do that :p]

Shopping Mum
Ahh..this lady here now really really busy with her blogS .. have few blogs to manage now and with the current new blog “My Mothering Corner”, if she have put up this blog earlier then I could “tau si” abit ma ..

Tracy’s Nest
I was as usual blog hopping one day and I come across Tracy’s post regards to “Post Natal Blues” that really caught my attention. I think I was 6 or 7 months pregnant at the time I read this post. I really appreciate that Tracy willing to share out her experiences and ever since that post, I have been reading her blog on daily basis.

I love how Mom2Ashley describe the progress of Ashley. Been reading her blog since “BabyAshleyWong”. Watching her progress remind me of my Princess Jasmine, and now with Princess Janelle .. this blog is like a progress chart to me ..

Cutie Princess Mummy
Straight forward and funny, if were to ask how am I going to describe this blog. I still laugh out loud when I read her post on the “Ribbon Ribbon where are you ??

So this is it, my 5 fave blog and my 1st Tag will be to ..


Friday, January 26, 2007

Dizzy >.<

Gosh today i feel dizzy the whole day, blur blur .. then during noon time was having headache, and afraid of getting the sick feeling due to migraine [feeling sick in the stomach and wanna vomit] quickly take the medicine. So the headache did go away but then i start to feel dizzy >.< ..aiyor when can i recover leh ... so hope tomolo check up will clear all this thing la .. very charm wan lor when sick :(

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Meeting with Veronica

I got a call from Veronica .. yesterday afternoon .. saying she is back to Malaysia from Philiphines !!! the last time i saw her was last year during her wedding dinner .. and now she is back !!! for Chinese New Year and she is 8 months pregnant adi ... wow ... time does flies yeah ... she will due on March and will be goin to Johor for her confinement. Really very happy to see her .. we meet up at the Secret Recipe, Centrepoint. We update each other and i can see she is very happy with her life ...

This picture is taken during CNY in 2005

Veronica and myself taken on Tuesday, and she is 8 months pregnant !! psst is a baby boy .. Congrats !!!

Sick ...

Was feeling sick on last friday .. but then i think the weekend mood somehow cure the sickness :P
Then on Monday, as usual went to office, already feeling not good .. like got fever .. then in the afternoon was ok abit then at around 4pm i had a very bad headache till i feel like wanna vomit and dizzy .. when i drive home i was like "gosh how to drive when wat i see is like moving side to side" .. quickly call hubby ask him to come back early today .. to look after the children.
Once i reach home, straight away i went up to my room then sleep .. later when hubby back he fetch me to see doctor .. and the doctor say "well, i suspect is migraine, coz migraine will make u dizzy and feel like vomit" i was like O.0 "then again ur blood pressure is quite high also" i feel like "alamak, high blood pressure pulak ... "
Well I actually have yet to go for my check up, after birth, it should be done b4 i start my work but then i was having my period so i tot maybe later .. then i forget all about it till .. my mummy ask me .. "do i still monitor my blood pressure?" erm okok so i check for 2 night .. and it is quite high also ... Die lor Die lor
Nvm i think i shall go for check up this coming saturday alone yup alone .. coz hubby need to work :(

Monday, January 22, 2007

Wedding Bells !!

Is a good start this year ... as some of my friends decide to end their singlehood and take a step in to the marriage life ...

1st of all is Ms. Erica, she will engage soon and getting marry this December. Congrats !!! Meet her in MSN last week, we update each other, she will be back to Malaysia for one month then off to Tokyo to meet her fiance and getting ready for their Big Day ... on this year end :D

2ndly Ms. Chin Yee, she will be getting marry on September ... Congrats !!! Well i call her up, after her sis broke the news to me .. she was so shock hahaha .. "pls dun blame layfun, is not layfun is ur SIS ..that tell me ur little secret" guess u cant hide it yeah .. good news spread !! This lady have been sitting by my side since Form 2 till we enter our college. And now here we are a Soon-Bride-To-Be / Wife-To-Be .. just imagine my feeling ... gosh ... i miss those happy times together ... She is a very good friend of mine ... a shy & timid girl now have grown up ..

Now on the 3rd lucky lady ... i wont mention who she is 1st ... let her annouce herself yeah ... so wish her heaps of lucky !!!

Congratulations to U all .. Love u all ..

Monday, January 15, 2007

Surprise Surprise SURPRISE !!

As usual today is the working Saturday for both myself and dear hubby. Well, dear hubby somehow forgotten what is so special on this day. Well i din expect him to remember though as he is really phobia with dates as he got so many dateline to rush for ... and little did dear hubby know that his little devil plan a surprise for him :P

After work, i ask my sis Evon to come and fetch me and my 2 girls to my mummy house. I have already ask mummy to look after my 2 girls. Once my girl is settle down, Evon send me to the KTM station, as i will take the KTM to KL Sentral. The last time i ride on the KTM was during my trip to Redang i think is about 2 years back. I was very careful and fearful at the same time. Once i reach KL Sentral i try to a cab to Tmn Maluri. There is 1 uncle come over to me

Cab 1 : Moi moi, mau taxi??
Me : ??
Cab 1 : Mau pegi mana??
Me : Jusco, Taman Maluri
Cab 1 : Aiya, sekarang sangat Jam punya .. ok la RM 20 la
Me : Meter??
Cab 1 : Tak ada la meter...
Me : O.0 NoNo Thank You (*wtf wanna cheat me!!)
Cab : Ok la moi boleh bagi berapa?? RM 15 la sangat jam la sekarang, mari la pakcik hantar la
Me : No thank you (walking away)

Cab 2 : Moi Moi pegi mana??
Me : Jusco, Taman Maluri
Cab 2 : RM 20 la
Me : Meter ??
Cab 3 : yeahla RM 20 moi sekarang jam punya
Me : Meter ?? (ask again -.-")
Cab 4 : yeahla mari la .. pakcik hantar la
Me : No Thank you (*wtf so pissed off)

Nvm then so i walk across the erm i think is a "hot market" towards the KL Monorail station. There was a cab waiting there ..

Me : Jusco Taman Maluri
Cab 5 : Ok
Me : Meter ??
Cab 5 : Yeah lor Meter lor O.0
Me : Ok ok

Once reach, guess how much is the Cab fare .. is just RM 6.40 !!! Guess this is a really bad image to the cab. Luckily i go across the road to get another cab .. phew ... my sis was saying u dun get cheated by ppl wo ... O.0
Ok la anyhow i already reach my destination ... well all the way i was hinting dear hubby. He is still blur blur .. Once i reach i sms him n say i am in ur office now .. so tonight dinner is on u yeah ... dear hubby is still blur blur ... i ask him do u know what is today's date ?? Then he reply me "Sorry dear, i forgot"
Later he come down and say he was sorry to have forgotten all about it .. i say is ok .. then he say come we go for dinner, but b4 that i need to drop by at cousin's place in Plaza Damas to collect some stuff ... so on the way he say we go to SS2 for dinner yeah ... i was like SS2 r .. ok la (wonder what to have leh .. KFC :P hahaha silly me)
Once we reach cousin's place .. he got down and ask me to wait for him ... and he come back with this ....
Is Beautiful ... i KNOW ... I love it ......is imported ... even the roses .. is really different .. the color is much nicer and it bloom so nice ... i just love it .. Thank You dear hubby

Is Beautiful ... really ...
Simple and nice just like me :P
Beautiful flower & Red Wine
Toast !!
Toast !!
Dear hubby had Roast Rack Lamb is yummy ....
Mine is Lobster .. yummy yummy :P

Thank You Dear Hubby i had a wonderful night ...

We had our dinner at Victoria Station ... we chat, we giggle, we dream of our future .. our homes .. is such a wonderful and enjoyable night for both of us ...

And after dinner, dear hubby send me to mummy house and then he return home as Sunday he have a golf session with his colleague ... Thank you dear hubby ... I Love You

For those who wanna order the flower .. this is the contact ..

Eu Mng 6012-233 0969
M’ng Bouquets
E-0-8, Block E, Plaza Damas,
No. 60, Jalan Sri Hartamas,
Sri Hartamas, 50480
Kuala Lumpur
Tel/Fax: 03-6201 8696
Email: mngbouquets@gmail.com

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Today is a very special DAY !!

Our Wedding Anniversary ...

Thank You dear Hubby ... I Love You ...

Princess Jasmine

Princess Jasmine

Age: 4 years 6 months & 5 days old (the exact)

Weight: 19kg

Height: Not sure wo -.-"

Princess Jasmine already enter her 2nd year in nursery.


Like : Learning new things, art class, music class in fact she loves all the subject and she is very helpful, she would guide and teach her friends of they dun understand teachers instructions.

Dislike : Discipline, she dun like to be order around and ex specially during lunch time as sometimes she cant finish her meal.

Toys : She loves playing with cars, guns, stack up block, "masak-masak" , Ultraman (yes, u hear me right is ULTRAMAN and not BARBIE -.-") imagine my reaction!! She is very playfull and sometimes would fight for toys with her cousin sister.

Foods : She likes seaweed, sausages, fish ball beehoon soup (she can finish up 1 whole packet) selective of biscuit (not any type, very choosy) oh yeah nasi lemak, assam laksa and curry laksa also her favorites (trully malaysian style)

Movies/cartoons : Currently her favorites is her nursery year end graduation and concert VCD (whereby she participate in 1 of the dance) she just love it so much and really enjoy herself

Hobby : Swimming, coloring (water colors) cycling, running around of coz & "kacau~ing" ppl around

Tantrums : She is really good in throwing tantrums, she the type that will not listen when u threaten or cane her but will listen when u explain and make her understand, that's what dear hubby do. Well i must admit i dun really have much patience, if she dun do as i say i will surely blow up and started to scold, wait till u see me cane her ... bet u all will get shock !!

Princess Janelle is 5 months old TODAY

Princess Janelle is 5 months old TODAY

Princess Janelle been a very good girl *sh sh* not so loud as there is a saying [baby will “siu hei”] She like to smile ALOT and whenever we call her name she would raise up her hand and hold her little feet .. after some time she would like raise up her hand and start to mumble “baby talk” which is to ask us to “bao bao” yeah is she adorable !! if you don’t pick her up her mumble will start to become like scolding .. getting louder and louder and LOUDER -.-” and she will keep scold and the minute we pick her up totally silent for a while only then she would be smiling all the way. Now she could hold her toys and whatever toys she grab will all go in her MOUTH yup … all will full of saliva …

She would “baby talk” herself “dunno wat she is saying la … will goes like “grrr … ar …mmm …” I also dunno wat is she saying (of coz la say already ma is BABY TALK) hahahaha … silly me …

Milk: 3oz to 4oz (feed every 3 to 3 ½ hourly)
Weight : 6.40 kg
Height : 64cm
Head Circumference: 40.2cm

Princess Janelle just had her injection last Saturday which consists of Triple Antigen, Polio, Hepatitis B and HIB.

1. Diphtheria, Whooping Cough, Tetanus (Triple Antigen)
- Diphtheria: a rare but serious throat infection which causes nerve disorder and heart damage
- Pertussis (Whooping Cough): a very common lung infection. This is sometimes
Called “100 days” cough and may cause brain damage
- Tetanus: a dangerous disease of nerves, caused by infection of dirty wounds

2. Poliomyelitis
- This disease causes permanent paralysis of the muscles

3. Hepatitis B
- This is a common viral liver infection in Asia, and may lead chronic problems like
Cirrhosis and cancer of the liver

4. Meningitis (HIB)
- This is a bacterial infection, that can cause serious illness in young children,
Particularly meningitis (brain infection)

Her progress …

a) She loves to be cuddle
b) She will coo and chuckles when we call her name and talk to her
c) She is very excited whenever she see her dangling toys and will go reach for the toys
d) Now she can roll from side to side and is already attempt to roll over
e) When we support her arm, she can stand on her little feet or in a sitting position
f) When we put her lie on her stomach, she can now raise her head (for a while) and support herself with her arms
g) She loves to look at her hand and hold her feet too
h) She could hold her soft toys and once she get hold of it, she will bring it to her mouth
i) She loves to sleep sideway while cuddling her bolster and I will lightly pat her to dreamland and once she is asleep she will roll over and sleep on her back.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Penang December 30, 2006 to January 1, 2007

Hi there, been to Penang last year and come back early this year :D Yup been planing this trip for quite some time ... and finaly here we are ... PENANG !!!

Well we off from my house at about 10am then to SS2 as dear hubby need to return some book then headed to my mummy house for brunch then off we go Penang ... We stay at the Copthorne Orchid Hotel Penang situated at the Tanjung Bunggah and next to the Paradise Sandy Beach and Crown Jewel Hotel. Started our journey at about 12.30pm and by the time we reach is already 4.30pm yeah ... 4 hours ride and my princess jasmine already asking this question million times "Are we there yet?" Once we reach we look for the hotel and we check in as i have booked earlier on. After unpacking and rest awhile, we go down to the beach for a swim. At night we had our dinner at the Gurney Drive. This reminds me of my trip to Penang with Meiyen and Layfun. How Meiyen can finish up 10pcs of Apom, all the Char Kuey Teow and fried sotong !! hahaha then we have awalk along the Gurney Drive, around 10.30pm we headed back to hotel to rest.

On the way, in the car Mummy and Little Janelle, my little sunshine

Little Jasmine, sure have a good time ... swimming all day long
Dear Hubby and Myself, he look so shock hor ... wonder why

Swimming Pool, evening time ...

Really shock to know that actually this can be eaten, i mean da meat inside :s

Little Janelle & Myself in the hotel room ... she is just so adorable

The next morning we go for swimming and had curry laksa and assam laksa for lunch ... yummy !!! Right after the lunch we off to Butterfly Farm. Check out the pictures yeah !! Then we go look for char kuey teow that use duck egg to fried ... it is so different and is so yummylicious !!! Wow really full … hehe then we go walk around at the Island Plaza and Batu Feringhi. After bath we go to have dinner at Telok Bahang. The seafood is very fresh as this restaurant is located at the fishing village. We headed back to hotel after the dinner. Actually we thought of walk around the night market that is along the hotel in Batu Feringhi but too bad is drizzling. Believe it or not I actually slept from last year until this year hahahaha ….

My Assam Laksa, slurpppp ... just delicious!!

The Butterfly Farm

Issitnit Beautiful, taken by dear hubby

Erm i dunno wat issit call :s is some kind of insect that looks exactly like a leaf !!

Same to this also but this is a dried leaves

Little Janelle and myself, she is so busy looking around

Dear Hubby and little Janelle

Do call for reservation yeah, the seafood is FRESH

On the brand new year we go for swimming again, yes … swimming … hehehe After we had check out, we go around the Georgetown for lunch and to buy some “tou sah peah” to our surprise is all FINISH !! yes FINISH gosh .. so good business wo no choice we had go home bare handed

My little Janelle having milk by the seaside under the coconut tree hahahaha opps my daddy is so sexy hor and my mummy pretty bor ??

We meet up with my daddy and mummy’s friend at the Kg Liman Kati (nearby to Gerik, Perak) then off to Chemor to visit my Grandma. And we had “nga choi keai” Bean sprout and chicken for dinner, my dear hubby’s favorite. After visit my grandma we headed back to KL and we reach home at 1am. This is due to the highway is jam with CARS and is A LOT OF CARS … gosh … is already 10.30pm still got so many cars.

Found this cute petrol station haha at the Kg Liman Kati

See!! a POMELO tree, seriously i never see pomelo tree before

Pineapple !!! same to this, never see before hahaha what to do .. city gal ma

Durian !! So huge !!

Overall this trip is so fun and I am now fully recharge to face the brand new year !!!

And both me and dear hubby agree to save up for another trip yes… hahahahaha Any idea ?? Meiyen got any idea mou??

Happy New Year !!!

Here we are in the brand new year 2007...
I would like to wish everyone a brand new year, a brand new beginning, stay healthy and happy always ...