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Monday, August 07, 2006

A wonderful weekend

A wonderful weekend

Is Saturday again, and I am not working this week. As my maid will be goin back, and she request us to help her to buy some electrical appliances for her to bring back home, so me and darling decided to go 1Utama to shop for it. After get what we wanted, we have our lunch in Genki Sushi. Right after our yummy yummy lunchie we head off to Jusco supermarket to buy some baking material … yes baking material kekeke … coz I wanna bake marble chocolate cheese cake and egg tart … but the feature outcome of the marble chocolate cheese cake is un presentable so I decide not to post the picture here … haha da recipe I follow meiyen’s wan kekeke … kekeke nvm see my yummy yummy egg tart … I am going to bake it again next weekend … coz it is easy and yummy … keke
Shopping for da ingredients ... see my flabby arm ... *no eye see*

My darling and his little naughty girl ... having pop corn

Now this is how i look .. i am 37 weeks liao ...

The egg tart .. so any comment ..

My family and darling say is "YUMMY" haha i wonder if they really meant it ...

My mummy lunar birthday fall on Sunday August 6, 2006, so we decided to bring her out for dinner at the Sri Bintang, Lit Lit Heong Restaurant ... it is yummy and not expensive ... glad she like the food over ther ... right after the dinner my family off to go pasar malam in Kepong Baru, and as for myself, my darling and little princess ... we head back home after dinner as it is already 9pm. My girl need to attend school and my darling want to watch the F1 race ... so off we go home ...

Check up !! Friday August 4, 2006

Check up !! Friday August 4, 2006

So finally is Friday liao … my last check up liao … so as usual da doctor will ask few questions and then check my blood pressure … wow he say was abit high :s alamak … and then I gain 3kg in 3 weeks time *fainted* da doctor say “oh my u gain r … u muz watch ur diet cannot gain so much, later u will face difficulty” … I m abit lost tim coz I eat normal juz a milo in da morning then lunch sometime I have mee or rice then dinner rice only no supper also :s gosh I am really speechless … and then now check my bb … da doctor say not yet due should be end of the month … and I muz go back for another check up in 2 weeks time *fainted* I tot last check up liao wan … tot can know when is the due date liao tim … alamak not yet wo … but then da doctor say da bb1 is doin good and already *engaging* my darling was abit disappointed coz he was very excited bout this check up tot will know when is the due date … but then hav to wait another 2 weeks tim … as for me, I am just too “kan cheung” dun ask me but then this is how I feel …so have to wait for another 2 weeks lor … right … guess this little princess is playing hide and seek with daddy and mummy

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Surprise !!! August 2, 2006

Surprise !!! August 2, 2006

Time does flies … so fast now is already in the month of August 2006, which mean I will be on maternity leave of 2 months SOON … kind of glad to have a holiday but then I have mix feeling … somehow I am anxious and excited at the same time … sometimes I am so nervous that I find myself breathless … sometimes I just cant wait for the arrival of my 2nd little princess … :s kind of weird right.

I have been craving for cakes and chocolates lately, and guess what … my hubby buy me a brownies walnut yesterday from secret recipe … it is so yummy … kekeke thank you darling …

After few weeks of shopping, I finally finish packing my bag … hahaha even though this is my 2nd princess … and yet I still forget what I need to pack in and need help from my friend, Tiffany … keke ... seems like my head is getting bigger and bigger yeah …

Lots to prepare actually;

For Little Princess
Baby’s clothes (already wash and fold)
Nappy (wash and fold also)
Yu Yee Oil
Nappy Rash Cream
Baby’s Bottle
Mittens and booties
Pillow and bolster
Baby cot (need to wipe)
Wet tissue
Safety pin

My last check up is on this Friday August 4, 2006. After this Friday I will know the exact due date as the estimated due date is on August 29, 2006 … wuah the more I think of it the more nervous I am tim … ARGHHHHHHHHHHH …….. *worry*