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Monday, February 26, 2007

Piggy Year 2007

Friday February 16, 2007
On the last day of work which is on Friday February 16, 2007 I send Princess Janelle to see her paed as she have fever. At first we thought is teething coz teething will also cause fever but then whenever we feed her milk she will just take a sip and cry .. and her paed checked her out and found out that she has ulcers near her throat. No wonder she cry and dun wan to take her milk. So I was asked to feed her paracetamol and the antibiotic for the coming 5 days. Once I have collected the receipts we went down to the lobby so I go to the pharmacy to collect the medicine, and in the meantime my MIL feed Janelle milk as she is very hungry. And she fall asleep once she finish her milk. After collected the medicine, I go get the car and off we go, to fetch my Jasmine and her cousins from the nursery. Then I off to office again, to clear some stuff and is HOLIDAY already!!

Saturday February 17, 2007
Wake up around 9.30am then bathe my Jasmine and Janelle. Dear hubby bring them go down to living hall so I could have my time for a refreshing shower … hehe a must in the morning before I go anywhere .. after that help dear hubby to decorate the house .. yup actually is already done so now is a little bit more touch up here and there. About 4 something dear hubby’s sis our chef of the night started her cooking session .. for our reunion dinner. And this year we have additional member to join the dinner, dear hubby’s sis boyfriend. We waited for my sis in law to come back from work and we have our dinner at 8.30pm. A very happy reunion dinner :D

Beautiful Orchid .. from cousin brother

Princess Jasmine with angpow from daddy and mummy :D

Even myself also hav angpow is from dear hubby :D

CNY Day 1 - Sunday February 18, 2007
The first day of CNY and I was a vegetarian for the day. Later in the afternoon all the uncles and aunties along with cousins, niece and nephew will come to “pai nin” and mahjong time kekeke .. lots of ppl will come over today .. happy to see so many ppl around and is very “yit lau”

Myself and Princess Janelle

Dear Hubby and Princess Janelle

Myself with Princess Janelle and Princess Jasmine

Princess Jasmine

CNY Day 2 – Monday February 19, 2007
Today is the day where the married daughters will go back to their parents house. After the “hoi nin” brunch, we all get ready and off we go to my daddy mummy house. So excited and very happy. Although I went back home every weekend but still very excited to see them :D

Happy Family

Dear Hubby

Yummy Dinner prepared by my daddy and mummy .. yum yum

CNY Day 3 – Tuesday February 20, 2007
Since it is a Piggy year .. so today is a PIGGY day hehehe .. yes sleep and then watch movie. We finish up the “Herbalist Manual” from TVB in just a 3 days .. yeah 3-4 episode a day .. then watch the “The Curse of the Golden Flower” well I dun und wat the movie say is kind of weird to me .. though the costume is stunning .. maybe it is in mandarin that’s y I dun get wat it means.

CNY Day 4 – Wednesday February 21, 2007
Watch movie again the whole day :D so relaxing .. just eat sleep and watch movie hahaha if only everyday is like this :D

CNY Day 5 – Thursday February 22, 2007
Dear hubby started work today and I follow my daddy and mummy to my cousin brother house in Cheras Hartamas.

CNY Day 6 – Friday February 23, 2007
I am back to work on Friday, February 23, 2007 [CNY Day 6] hehe is a good day to start work. So was back to office and go off at 2pm. After lunch we go home as dear hubby’s fren will come over for mahjong session .. yes CNY is all about gamble gamble ..

Tonight will have dinner with my ex-classmate. Too bad that Meiyen cant make it for tonight dinner as she got to attend her family reunion dinner

Chocolate Mud Cake from Secret Recipe

The whole gang .. the malurian ..
ChoiYen, KaiLi, LayFun, ChinYee & Soon-To-Be Hubby, ChongKit, KimLong, WeiTeck, Erica and Myself with 2 princessess

Yummy cake ...

Now this is the birthday boy and girls .. KaiLi, ChinYee, Erica and Kim Long Happy Birthday yeah ..

All the pretty girl :P

CNY Day 7 – Saturday February 24, 2007
We have dinner with dear hubby’s frens and after dinner we go Genting .. yes a must go place on CNY kekekeke and guess wat one of our frens win money and is A LOT hahaha wont tell u the amount kekeke .. he is just so lucky leh .. I din play coz I dunno how to play .. ask me to gamble wo I rather spend the money in shopping as I know I have no luck in gambling wan .. and we bump into Sharmaine and her friends and dear hubby’s ex-schoolmate and his 1st Ex-Gf [kind of jealous tim but then I see see I m more pretty wo :P “oi~Nya” joking la] then on the way back to collect our car we bump into our ex-colleague. See I told u is a must go place during CNY :P reach home about 4.15am and after bath went to sleep around 5am in the morning .. gosh~

CNY Day 8 – Sunday February 25, 2007
Dear hubby’s aunt from Kuantan come to visit us .. and of coz mahjong time again kekeke then yummy yummy dinner …

Friday, February 16, 2007

Gong Xi Fa Cai

Happy Chinese New Year Everyone !!

Here, Myself, dear hubby, Princess Jasmine & Princess Janelle wish Everyone here a very Happy & Prosperous Chinese New Year and be blessed with good health and happiness throughout the year of piggy .. oh of coz with GOOD FORTUNE also yeah .. kekekeke

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Valentine's Day ??

It was a usual normal working day .. no pressie no candle light dinner no card no flower .. just a call that goes like this ..

Dear Hubby: Hi morning
Me: Morning ..
Dear Hubby: I din know today is Valentine's Day !! Happy Valentine's Day !! Lou Poh I love You
Me: oh thank you Happy Valentine's Day .. I love You too .. (hoping got some hint on tonight plan :P)

Waited for hubby to pick me up after work .. then i give him the present that i bought earlier .. he so happy to see it .. it was a polo tee that he wanted!! See him bare handed come up to my office adi know nothing for me tim .. then heard him talking over the phone "i am goin home now" i was like "duhh...go home r...sigh" so my Valentine's Day is spend at home lor ..

Wat to do married adi is like this wan leh .. hubby not those romantic type but is those "sat zhai" (practical) type. Though no pressie no nothing but this will not stop me from getting him pressie every year :D i love giving him pressie .. he did say he dun wan pressie or any other thing he just wan me to smile at him and be happy .. (aiya once a year only ma cant he just get me a small pressie to "tam" me meh) though he know i wanna celebrate Valentine's Day but he did not do it .. he think that the Valentine's Day is too commercialised anyway nvm la is already past .. anyway i did spend my day with my love ones .. right ..

So Happy Valentine's Day EveryOne :D
(P/s: I am not complaining here but just abit of "ngam ngam cham cham" only :P)

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone ..

Saturday, February 10, 2007

5 Things Most People Don't Know About Me

On this bright sunny Saturday morning, i got a message --> U r Tagged !! by me, MeiYen

So now "mai kwai kwai tei chou lor" even though now still scratching head on how to do it .. wonder wat ppl don't know about me :S

1st - I go back to my mummy's house every weekend. Yes every weekend even though i am married for more than 4 years now. Been doin this for the past few years. I miss my mummy, daddy and 2 little sista very much. There was once when dear hubby was away outstation to Kuching, i even drove to my mummy house alone with my Princess Jasmine who is just few months old !!

2nd - On the 1st night of my wedding day i cried and u know wat dear hubby also cried !! i ask him y .. he say he so "sam tong" to see me cried until my eyes is swelling and cant even talk ..

3rd - I am actually doin accounting and because i wanna be with my bf now is my dear hubby, i venture in to Real Estate Line just to spend more time with him. And now here i am, abit regret to left my accounting jobs.

4th - During my college time, i use to take public transport to college and there is this guy who happen to be on the same bus with me every morning. He like to stand beside me or sit next to me just to be near to me. There is one time that i sit near to the window and he sit next to me and u know wat he SQUEEZE himself to me !! left me sticking to the window .. i am very scare leh .. he is actually trying to "chau sui" [ham zhu sau] .. that time so naive dunno how to react .. given now r i already *slap left right* of his face ..

5th - When i was 15 years old .. i follow my senior [all the players be it boy or girl of the softbol team = baseball] to this roller blade centre. i dunno wat is this place call but then is a place where loud music with teens playing with the roller blade, smoking and alots of those gangster around.

So here it is .. about me .. care to tell me about urself then .. so my tag go to ...

1. Tracy's Nest
2. Sasha Bla Bla Bla
3. Something About Lai
4. Little Fearles and Little Cruz
5. Crumbs In Life

Friday, February 09, 2007

Any Idea ??

Been thinking wat should i get for dear hubby .. hehe well for me Everyday is Valentine's Day .. but still wanna give dear hubby a small pressie .. Any idea .. something that is sweet and not pricey as the previous shopping trips adi burn a BIG hole in my wallet .. kekeke aiya new year ma must buy new clothes wan. So any idea anyone?? Well i will go do some survey later after work :P
ShhsHhhsSh secret ok !!

Chat in MSN

One fine morning, as usual i was sitting in my desk working .. and suddenly pop up a Msn Chat Window and my reaction was O.o then click on the window .. "wah...so "yit lau" wan .. " is actually a chat conference by Tracy.

Now this is my first time chatting with erm .. wait r i count count 1st ... 1, 2, 3, 4 ... wah 12 ppl (included me la) in 1 window .. havoc man .. all the mummies type superb fast and i m so busy read read and READ !! hahaha opps sorry actually is 10 mummy and 2 daddy ...

They are Julian, Morin & Raelynne, egghead, ShanNoN, Jessie, Jess, Hui Sia, Tracy, Angeline, Rachel, Annie Q, Sasha and also Eva. I hope i got everyone correct .. do correct me if i got it wrong. All here is Wonderful Mummy and SuperCool Daddy :D
Actually i was thinking if only i know earlier about Blog. It is very useful as i can "tau si" abit about about the pregnancy, how to take care of baby/children & become a good wife. And i just started blog last year .. and i feel i miss out so much. Everyday i would be blog hopping .. reading all those wonderful stories .. those life time experience .. i learn alot .. thank you for sharing it out. I love to blog but my english is poor as in broken english .. here and there .. hope u guys wont mind. I m not good in putting in writing but i m learning.
So the next chat conference, do count me in yeah ..

Looking for Bag .. stylish and yet versatile bag for a modern mummy !!

Oh my ... today is already FRIDAY !! and is weekend AGAIN .. could not believe it next weekend is already Chinese New Year .. holiday !! FOOD !! hohoho

And this coming weekend will be only one thing SHOP SHOP and SHOP dunno if i cant the crowd or not =.=" surely jam packed "ppl mountain ppl sea" as dear hubby only have this Sunday off .. yes this saturday he need to work .. this is the last weekend before the CNY comes. Dear hubby need to get a pants and as for myself i need a pair of heel .. which is easily to take off as my current shoes need to sit down and buckle. Is kind of hassle if we go "pai nin" while i have to juggle with Princess Janelle and the bag and wearing the heels at the same time. oh yeah i need a handbag too .. to put in all the stuff so i just hav to carry 1 bag when we go out .. space for some extra diapers, a thermos, bottles and a pair of fresh clothes, some toys, wet wipes, my wallet, phone and camera .. wow sure heavy .. and i found 1 yesterday but then too bad is already SOLD :"(

This dark brown bag come with a strap also.

Issitnit Pretty the bag i just love it ...

Anyone have any idea .. where i can find such a bag !! .. sigh .. desperately need a new bag for CNY ...

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

"Lui Char"

This year our annual dinner is held in a private erm i think a restaurant kua .. coz muz call in and book 1 day in advance then only u get to have the meal there. Is located at Jalan Gasing. and it serve tradisional Hakka Cuisine.

Once we are done with our stuff and waited for the rest to get ready, off we go to the restaurant at about 7.05pm [though the dinner say to be start at 7.00pm SHARP] well is our custom .. everyone in the office sure LATE wan ! We reach around 7.30pm and started off with "Lo Yee Sang" [Lo = Toss, Yee Sang = Raw Fish, ] Is a Chinese New Year tradition in Malaysia, tossing of raw fish with crackers and various types of sliced vegetables topped up with seasoning and plum sauce. By Lo Yee Sang we chinese believe it bring particularly good luck in business.

After Lo Yee Sang, we had our "Lui Char Farn" or "Thunder Tea Rice" the ''thunder'' possibly is the din created during the cutting, pounding and grinding of tea leaves, vegetables and nuts that go into the making of this extraordinary dish. It is a traditional dish peculiar to the Ho Po, a Hakka sub-group, "Hak" = Guest, "Ka" = Family and this "Lui Char Farn" come with a legendary tale.

A dish with a legendary tale;
BESIDES the Chinese who may be familiar with the Hakka Lui Char not many people from the other races even know what this dish tastes like.
Its Hakka Lui Char is served as a dish with a special legend, filled with good moral lessons that will benefit many. Phan, known to his customers as Brother Phan, traced the Hakka Lui Char to General Zhang Fei who lived during the era of the Three Kingdoms of China between 168-221 B.C. Phan said Zhang Fei, who served the Kingdom of Shu, was a brilliant general rather than just another warrior. “He once led his army to war,” said Phan, “and on their journey, Zhang Fei noticed his soldiers becoming sick and unwell to wage war against the enemies.”

But an old and poor lady came to their rescue, giving them valuable advice that helped him overcome the problem. Phan takes this as a lesson, saying it showed that although the younger generation of today may be as impatient as Zhang Fei, they have to learn to respect the older generation and listen to their advice. “Although Zhang Fei was a successful general, he would have lost many of his soldiers to the elements of nature if not for the advice of the old lady,” said Phan. On patriotism, Phan said the legend showed that despite being poor and old, the lady was still of great use to her country. “All of us have a special role to play, unique to our calling,” said Phan.
The secret to the soldiers' recovery was Lui Char - the special herbal soup made of minced vegetables, groundnuts and sesame seeds - fed to them. “The Lui Char helped the soldiers regain their strength and became well again as the ingredients have special supplements that helped increase our energy levels,” he said. [i got this information from The Star, kind of surprise myself also when i read this]

Even though i am a hakka myself, actually i dun really eat this dish. But this dish is very healthy. With lots of vege and diff type of vege too. After dinner, we sit around chat, gossip and had a few drinks [more likely of 2 bottles of Chivas =.="]

Had a good time catch up with colleagues and hope this brand new year will be a good year ahead so my BONUS will be BIG BIG hohoho ..
Happy Chinese New Year !!

If u guys wanna try the "Lui Char" this is the address. Is opposite the LaSalle School and is bungalow.
Madam's Fong Kitchen
No. 67, Jalan Gasing,
46000 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: 603-7957 1749

Friday, February 02, 2007

February 1, 2007 Public Holiday !!

Yesterday was a public holiday for both Selangor and Kuala Lumpur. Thaipusam for Selangor and Federal Day for Kuala Lumpur.
Since is a holiday, it is of coz a good day for SHOPPING .. so i plan to bring my sis and mummy to this boutique in uptown TheLittleBlackBook
Wake up around 9.00am, bath Princess Jasmine & Janelle. Then i ring my mummy, she told me she is having her hair cut with my younger sis Phoebe. So once they are finish will go home fetch Evon. So i waited at home, around 12.30 they arrive so we go out for lunch. Dear hubby say he will stay at home to look after Princess Jasmine and Janelle. HoHoHo .. but then is more like my MIL look after the kid as dear hubby is upstairs doin something with his laptop =.="
So after we had our lunch, we walk over to the boutique. After 3 hours in the boutique off we go home to fetch dear hubby. As we have plan to go to the Summit USJ. So this time around i will bring along Princess Jasmine & Janelle. About 6pm, off we go as Mummy have dinner with her friends. So we reach home at around 6.35pm and after dinner dear hubby suggest we go pasar malam in "chow yang".
The whole day is SHOP SHOP and SHOP = SPEND SPEND and SPEND =.="
But i had a wonderful day ^.^ if only day day can shop .. hohohoho