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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Janelle already RECOVER .. YAHOOOOO

As I mention earlier, Janelle is down with fever, she already recover but then on Monday her whole body includes her face is full of red dots .. I was so afraid that it is the HFMD, so in the evening bring her see doctor again and is confirmed NOT HFMD phew … is some kind of measles :s and was given some bathing water and chamomile lotion to apply to ease her itchiness. So she is fully recover liao :D just sometimes refuse to finish up her milk normally she would finish her 4oz milk but then nowadays only manage to take up 2-3 oz of milk only for each feeding. Anyhow I am glad that she already recover :D

Just when Janelle is recover, Jasmine say she got fever .. then i go check on her *alamak* got slight fever wo .. faster feed her medicine and luckily the next morning the fever is gone .. else i am a walking zombie already. Is already few nights i din get a good night sleep .. sigh .. hubby try to help but then after 5 mins he give up :s Kesian ~nya


Sweetpea said...

the joys of parenting. am afraid we will be seeing lots of this for years to come, and we'll be experts soon.
well, lucky thing both of them are ok now :)

Etcetera~Mommy said...

Glad to hear both your girls are alright now..

MeiyeN said...

glad to hear that both your baby j fully recovered now.... *hugz*

Lovely Mummy said...

glad to hear that ur gals are ok now...take care urself too.

Sasha said...

hey my son also got red spots got. No wories la. sometimes its because of fever. the dirty things in the body come out edi. Thats good sign,

Jessie Woo said...

Thank You "leng lui mun" :D