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Wednesday, September 24, 2008


It have been more than half a year since my last post .. time does flies .. though .. and now is already towards the end of september. Do you all know how i miss blog hopping like last time and chat online .. sigh .. miss those days very much .. now i can only access to internet during midnight. Provided that the following chores is done;
1. Clothes is put in to washing machine
2. Pack Jasmine's school bag
3. Prepare water tumbler for Jasmine, Daddy and myself
4. Tuck Jasmine and Janelle to sleep
5. When daddy is asleep

Infact, when my 3 darlings is asleep!! which is MIDNIGHT then only i can claim is ME ME ME time >.<"

Little Update on My Family

My dear hubby
He is doing fine with his job and he have found his new hobby. Our new home!! yeah every weekend also he will do house work. He say he love to do it. He would clean the car porch area, water the plant, fix whatever that need to be fix as he believe DIY, and the 2nd hobby is GOLF yeah he is planning to continue his golf after he have stop for more than 2 years (due to my FIL sickness, he have stop playing golf).

I am fine and is supa tired all the time. Seriously i need a very good time management. I wonder how some corporate lady they can juggle between work and family. By the time i reach home i need to do some house chores and then after dinner (i am lucky that i dont have to cook and my MIL will cook) i would sit down with Jasmine to supervise her homework and spelling. Then is time for tuck my 2 ladies to sleep. Now this is the worst part. They would be screaming, running and telling me all types of excuses .. I need to go Shshsh .. i need to drink some water .. i this .. i that ... is really testing my patience every night. Whatever it is .. they are still my 2 lovely girls ..

My 2 girls
Jasmine and Janelle is the usual ones .. NAUGHTY but ADORABLE .. hahaha

P/s : ok la i gtg liao need my supa beauty sleep .. will try to update more often ..


shoppingmum said...

Finally got some update from you. :)

Jessie Woo said...


LayfuN said...

miss you lotz~!


laundryamah said...

was wondrering wat happened to ya..hang in there...

Jess said...


How are u?? sikit update pls!

etceteramommy said...

Hey.... welcome back :D

Tracy said...

Really has been quite some time we read ur last post. Good to hear u and ur darlings are okay. Keep us updated more often ya? Take care.