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Saturday, July 28, 2007

I miss U ALL !!

I miss the internet. It have been a more than a week since my last access to the internet and frankly speaking I miss the internet so much. I wanted so much to blog about my days but once I got home I need to attend my 2 girls and dear hubby. By the time they are asleep I already ½ dead. Too tired to even start-up a laptop and dial up some more sigh .. yup no streamyx at home got to use dial up. I wanted so much to scrapbooking .. to blog hop but I am just too TIRED

My last day with my ex-company is on Tuesday (03.07.07) and my job start the very next day. When I got my schedule for the new company I nearly *fainted* why ?? coz I am require to work on weekends !! tears about to roll down *uhuk uhuk* and is for the whole of July *sobz sobz*

Wednesday July 04, 2007
First day was nervous and abit dizzy coz whole day been digesting the *information*, driving back that time nearly fainted but then the colleague is kind, helpful and friendly they assist me whenever they can.

Thursday July 05, 2007
2nd day .. still adjusting myself to the new routine. Wake up an hour earlier nowadays. After preparing Jasmine to school, i will be going off to work already.

Friday July 06, 2007
TGIF .. nah .. this weekend is working *fainted*
Tonight will be the company once a month company get together, but too bad i wont be attending it as i have an appointment. So i go off when the party just started and heard my colleague the party ended quite late bout midnight. whoa ..

Saturday July 07, 2007
Some VIP coming over to visit our company and site office. So in formal even though is saturday. But it is still an opener to me on how my company entertained the VIP really treat them like royalties

Sunday July 08, 2007
Working day also and today will be on site office. and once i reach home quickly get prepared as tonight we are going out for dinner to celebrate Jasmine's birthday. yeah she is already 5 years old. Very naughty indeed. We had our dinner with my parents and sisters at D'Fortune in Menjalara. The dinner was great and we had a great time. And by the time we reach .. is already 10pm gosh .. time does flies yeah .. and tomolo is MONDAY already.

Monday July 09, 2007
Gosh is MONDAY again .. sigh is a working day again .. I have been working since last monday to this monday and tomolo is a working also and my off day is on wednesday so i am working 9 days straight!!

Tuesday July 10, 2007
Work Work More Work. Had swimming session with yuki in the evening.

Wednesday July 11, 2007
Today is my off day .. yippeee
So after sending Jasmine to school. I went back to sleep .. and by the time i wake up is already NOON time .. gosh .. quickly wash up and get ready as i have an appointment with Christine for my *much needed urut (massage) session*

Got home and go groceries shopping with my MIL and Janelle. Later at night go pasar malam. oh wat a day ..

Thursday July 12, 2007
After the off day .. and went back to work .. wow feel so much refresh and energetic.

Friday July 13, 2007
Is friday again .. there goes 1 week with the company. Still new but started to join in the crowd and works. So far so good just hope everything will be good also .. tonight i got online yeah using dial up and the connection really make me wanna DIE .. it take so long just to load a page. Yeah home no streamyx yet so have to bear with the dial up connection. Just manage to check/reply mails and blog hop awhile as i am too sleepy and tired. And by the time i am done it is already pass midnight. Yawn .. it is a tiring day .. and dear hubby got back at the right time yeah to pack away the laptop that i just finish using it :P

Saturday July 14, 2007
Work Work More Work

Sunday July 15, 2007
WORK !!!!

Monday July 16, 2007
Monday blues ?!?! nah why coz is my off day hahahahahahahahaha so today my schedule is to tidy my room yeah and my target area is ... the WHOLE room yes as it is just so messy. and after cleaning up tot of going to SS2 pasar malam. hehe but anyway dunno yet la .. still in planing stages. nowadays my weekend is only work work work .. i miss my family so much .. i am very attach with my family actually and every weekend i would go back to my mummy place but nowadays it will be abit difficult for me to go back :( so sad sigh and no more baking session already.

It had been more than a week with the new company. I must i am still new and still learning of coz. Previously i am more in admin rather than sales. But in this new company i am involve more in sales now. Frankly speaking i am very new in sales line.


Tracy said...

Aiyo, we miss u too. Wondered where u have been. WHAT?! Working on weekends too? How come? Good pay? Poor u. I guess u must be 'worked out'. Mana ada masa untuk rehat leh? Ur girls and 'lou kung' must be missing u very much. If too stressful, better cabut and find another job lar. Take care, okay?

Eva said...

Hi there miss u so much. Do take care ok!

MY Life Zone said...

i see yr schedule, already like cannot breath...hehe.. take care ya..

Anonymous said...

Poor u...really a very tight schedule,

CutiePrincessMummy said...

understand ur tiredness, same here! :-)

take care & gambateh!

Etcetera~Mommy said...

I hope it's only for a month. You have to work on weekends in Aug too? Take care pls....

Chorwin said...

Wahhh, can't image you are mother of 2!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, you still look young. Girl must continuous to keep fit even after married or been mother of ####..... this is what I told my wife... haha.

shoppingmum said...

Wah, so busy. Take it easy ya?

Sasha said...

aiyoh i read also i wanna FAINT...u take care ..slow slow ok?

mommy of 2 angels said...

aiyoo i also pengsan lor...everyday work onli.

happiii birthday jasmine

i tag u

phat phat phat

MeiyeN said...

my gosh... such a busy schedule you had! how come you didn't mention that afternoon you had lunchie with me? :p
see you on monday k? u bringing hubby and kids or not?

Jacelyn Chew said...

just take it easy....don't stress urself, health is more important. ok?